P7.0.Sep: Amanda Ontharun

September’s Sim of the Month

Name:Amanda Ontharun
Age:Young Adult
Traits:Kleptomaniac, Hates the Outdoors, Mooch, Hopeless Romantic, Hydrophobic

Special instructions: Cannot move into a pre-built home, must move into an empty lot (any size). After moving into said lot, use the familyfunds cheat to reduce her bank account to 0$

Goals: Build a ‘proper home’, Get Married to a Computer Whiz husband, throw a successful wedding party, Purchase a body-shaper and change her appearance drastically.
Restrictions: Cannot take any jobs, must not have a child out of wedlock. Cannot move in any sims other than via marriage into a ‘proper home’. Cannot write and publish books. Cannot sell anything. Must not be visited by the repo man. Cannot sleep outdoors. Cannot purchase the burglar alarm or call the police. Cannot marry a sim in the law enforcement career track.

Special concept: “Proper Home”
A “Proper Home”, in Amanda’s eyes, must have a furnished value of at least $20,000 + whatever the land costs. (So if you bought a $2,400 lot, her house would need a furnished value of $22,400). It must contain at least the following:
1 double bed, 1 dresser, 2 mirrors, 1 toilet, 1 shower or tub, 2 sinks, 1 refrigerator, 1 stove, 2 kitchen counters 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 fireplace, 1 loveseat, 1 desk, 1 computer or laptop and 1 bookshelf with at least 20 unique books. The house must contain at least 5 distinct rooms, all of which must be fully floored, painted, lit and be accessible via doors. Each room must also provide at least a +10 “decorated” moodlet somewhere within the room. The exterior of the house must be fully painted as well and contain at least 10 windows.

Theresa Dolphina was right, the Earth was doomed. Mauseah Twichford, through diligent watching of the sky, identified a strange looking comet entering the solar system. At first her claims of the danger were dismissed, but when the comet was caught in Jupiter’s orbit briefly before being spun around and hurled at the earth, people suddenly paid more attention. It was Mauseah’s ingenious idea for a firebomb made from the core of 30 flame fruits that saved the day. The bomb was launched by Mauseah from the international space station during a daring and dangerous space-walk mission. The heat from the bomb blast melted most of the ice comet. When the main comet was destroyed, it broke into many pieces that fell to the earth. Most of these pieces were now too small to cause any real damage and vaporized harmlessly in the atmosphere, but a few were large enough to reach the ground and cause some damage to whatever building they fell on. Despite the minor damage to some buildings in the area, Mauseah was hailed as a national hero for saving the planet. She is now the spokeswoman for the National Flame Fruit Grower’s Association, and the Acme Adult Disposable Undergarment Company…both of which had their products used extensively by Mauseah during her heroic mission.

Amanda was a small time petty thief. However, after being framed by her boss for his crimes, she is now falsely seen as one of Simnation’s most dangerous criminals, even though she has committed none of the 17 heinous crimes she is convicted of. After serving 2 years of her 1,292 year sentence in the Simnation Maximum security prison, Amanda’s freedom came unexpectedly. It took the form of an ice comet shard that fell from the sky and simultaneously smashed part of the complex’s wall and melted, flooding the whole compound. She nearly drowned while getting whisked away down a storm drain by the sudden deluge. Upon awaking in a new region, cold, broke, gasping for breath and soaked to the bone, she realized this was life giving her a second chance; A rebirth.

Still a wanted ‘criminal’ she dares not leave a paper trail by selling things, getting a job or writing novels. She refuses to return to the criminal warehouse, as it was her boss there that made her into a scapegoat in the first place. She also doesn’t dare fall asleep outside, as she knows government spy satellites could pinpoint her if she remained outdoors too long. She has committed herself to somehow make the best of this second chance and fulfill her childhood dreams. The include building a nice house, filing it with nice things…even if they are someone else’s things… and getting married to the man of her dreams, preferably a man who is good with computers who can hack into the government’s computers and build a new identity for her. She wants to make sure all of those are in place before she even thinks of bringing a child into this world. She’ll also want to minimize contact with the authorities and keep the police or a repo man from visiting the house.

Pinstar Says:
Every cent counts in this challenge as all the normal avenues to making money are pretty much closed off. Your only real methods for cash generation are mooching, playing for tips and oppertunities. The real trick will be making sure she has a roof over head when she sleeps. The ‘Cant Sell anything’ restriction doesn’t apply to build-mode construction items such as walls, doors, windows, paint, tiles, fences, railings, stairs and the like. You may purchase items from the buy menu or steal them in order to furnish the house. If you can’t afford to build enough of Amanda’s house to support a roof, try having her sleep over a neighbor’s house until she can. To determine if Amanda is ‘indoors’ enough to sleep, check her ‘hates the outdoors’ moodlet. If she isn’t suffering the moodlet, then it is safe for her to sleep. Having a bad wedding party means a failed challenge, so investing in the ‘legendary host’ perk isn’t a bad idea.“Drastically alter her appearance” is a term subject to opinion as to what is drastic. Have fun with it. Amanda’s goal is merely to change her look so she won’t be visually identified as easily. You have to build her house up to “Proper Home” status before she can get married and move her husband in.

You can download Amanda here


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