P8.0.Oct: Juan Undall

October’s Sim of the Month Challenge

Name: Juan Undall
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Traits: Insane, Never Nude, Friendly, Easily Impressed, Can’t Stand Art
LTW: Jack of all trades
Difficulty: Medium (but varies during the challenge)

Goal: Obtain 200,000 lifetime aspiration points, Cure Juan’s Insanity.

Restrictions: You must promise every wish that comes up if there are open slots, in the order they come up.You may never cancel an already promised wish. (or one waiting to be promised, though they are allowed to disappear on their own). You must fulfill 1 wish per sim day or the challenge is failed. Every time Juan gains 20,000 points, you MUST purchase the “Mid-life crisis” perk. When doing this, hit the random button, then remove the 5th trait and replace it with the “Insane” trait. (If Insane came up naturally, just leave the roll as is). You must do this every time Juan obtains 20,000 points. Juan may not spend points on any other perks. On the 10th purchase of the mid-life crisis perk, you may remove the ‘insane’ trait and assign all five traits however you want.

Jake Brashford was a prison warden in charge of rounding up all of the escaped prisoners from the damage caused to the Simnation maximum security prison by the “Mauseah-Nova Comet” (As it’s been called) shard. He had a nick name, ‘the blood hound’. He ALWAYS got his man. He was cool, calm and collected. He was in charge and he always knew what to do. He was relentless in his pursuit of escaped convicts and demanded perfection from his partners. He was feared and respected by those around him. He kept his past history a secret from his co-workers, which make him all the more dark and mysterious of a figure.
His iron tower composure was shattered when the agency decided to close the case on Amanda Ontharun, pronouncing her dead and calling off the search for her. Jake had rounded up and recaptured all the other prisoners that escaped, all of them but her. The blood hound had lost the scent. It was the first major failure on Jake’s record with the prison, but it was all that was needed to shatter his composure. There was a rebellion…not from his fellow prison guards or even the inmates, but from within. The others within him ganged up and took down the dominant Jake Brashford…

Named Juan Undall at birth, Juan lead a fairly simple life in the country. His parents owned SimFarm and his uncle Jed was a rider at the local town’s rodeo. They frequently left Juan to his own devices to entertain himself. The natural boredom of country living meant Juan had to use his imagination as a child to keep himself entertained. That wasn’t a problem for Juan, he had more imagination than all the other children in his school. He came up with lots of imaginary friends to play with and talk to. At first it seemed harmless…but the power of Juan’s imagination proved to be too strong.

His imaginary friends, now three dozen in number, began to rebel. They each had their own unique personality and persona, their own mission in life and they were tired of being trapped in this simple boy’s mind. They took over. Juan spent 10 years in an asylum as his imaginary friends raged and fought with him and each other for control of his body. The ‘war’ ended when a dominant personality, calling himself Jake Brashford, emerged. Jake controlled the body and kept the other personalities, including Juan himself, under wraps for a good 10 years. This allowed him to stay sane enough to be released from the Asylum and get a normal job in society. That 10 year reign ended when the others saw weakness and took Jake down. Now engulfed in another mental civil war, can Juan regain his own mind and body and silence all the imaginary friends he created as a child?

Pinstar Says

Polinesia says:
Forget Pinstar’s advice and listen to his imaginary friend! You might actually get something useful this time.
The name of the game is wishes. You need to be quick on your talons to keep knocking out those wishes. Not only does this get you to 200,000 lifetime points faster, it reduces the chances of getting wish-locked. If you get wishes that take more than one day to fulfill locked in your bar, (such as ‘stay inside for 48 hours’ or ‘reach level X of career’) do your best to fulfill them, ASAP so they don’t build up and take over all of your wish slots. One saving grace is that if you fulfill a wish that isn’t yet promised, it still counts as your ‘one wish per day’ requirement.(Thus saving you from failing the challenge…that day anyway) Luck has a little to play in this challenge, as the types of wishes you receive will change with Juan’s personality. Good luck! We now return you to your regularly scheduled challenge writer…

Pinstar: I thought I got rid of you back in college…
Anyway, Juan can be downloaded here:



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