P9.0.Hal: Madison Lowman

First off is the Halloween Special!

Name: Madison Lowman

In life Madison dreamt of being an actress in movies. It wasn’t the money, the glory or the fame that drew her to the idea. It was more the thought of pretending to be something you are not and making that your living. Unfortunately, she was not cut out to be an actress of any kind. Completely ignoring her natural talents in data analysis and organization, she threw herself at audition after audition. No amount of training classes, voice lessons and method acting camps could overcome her true nature: she was meant to be an accountant, not an actress. As a result, she was never picked for any more significant a role than an extra in any movie. It was on a movie set where an unfortunate accident with some Pyrotechnics caused her untimely death in a fire.

Being burnt to a crisp did not stop her drive, her zeal to somehow make her mark in movies. She clung to the world as a ghost and continued her quest. Deciding on a new strategy, she decided to listen in on some focus groups held by the movie industry. Outa Focus films LTD was looking to make a new horror flick and wanted to find what the public felt to be scary. The overwhelming response from the focus groups was “Creepy Ghost Children”. This sparked a wild idea in Madison’s brain. If they wanted creepy ghost children for their movies, she would give them creepy ghost children.

With new inspiration in hand, Madison vows to break into movies once and for all, if not as a star, then perhaps as the mother of a star. She feels she must have a wide variety of ghost children in order to maximize her chances of having one become a star.

Traits: Ambitious, Workaholic, No Sense of Humor, Perfectionist, Frugal
Goal: Have at least 4 ghost children, one of each age(infant, toddler, child, teenager) at one time. Each ghost child must be conceived from a different father.
Can only take a part-time careers. She feels a full time job would distract from her goals.
Cannot move in any sims into the house hold.
Cannot adopt children. (living or otherwise)
Ghost children born in the house may move out when they are older, but they must be living in the house in order to count as one of the four required to win the challenge.
The challenge MUST be played on the “Normal” lifespan setting.
Birthday cakes may not be purchased or used.
Madison may not sell paintings, write novels or sell gathered/harvested items (including produce and insects). She feels this would distract her from her ultimate goal.

Pinstar Says:

Happy Halloween everyone. Today’s tricky treat is the scariest thing I could think of: The mother of a child star. Money will be tight on this challenge as part time careers only pay so much and Madison turns her nose up at most of the traditional ‘work at home’ means for income. Using her career-focused traits to maximize her raises is key. Keep in mind that in order to win the challenge, all four children must be at their appropriate age category on the same exact day, so plan her pregnancies accordingly as you can’t use birthday cakes to advance her offspring to the next age category early. While there is no rule against Madison or any of her children being returned to life, the children must be ghosts in order to count for winning the challenge, and Madison must be a ghost to produce ghost offspring. Note that Madison doesn’t fit into the ongoing storyline that my other Sims of the Month fall into, hence the lack of a prelude.

Will be posted after the first person to beat Madison’s challenge.

Madison can be found here. She is a sim, rather than a sim type, so just move her straight into the neighborhood.


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