Private Eye

Prerequisites – Ambitions Expansion, Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler, Military

“Here’s what happened” Mr. Monk to Sgt. Stottlemier

All sorts of mayhem is going on. Food riots, zombie attacks, and a broken chain of command have taken theirtole. Civilization barely hangs by a thread while murder and mayhem reign in the streets. Individuals sims are STRONGLY discouraged from going anywhere but to the police with their complaints. But those overworked civil servants just don’t have time to chase after petty thieves right now. Will a stalwart sim arise in the family and bring order to chaos? We can only hope so!


    • Sims may not learn photography.
    • There is a severe shortage of computer bandwidth, and the telephone lines are having issues as well.
      • Sims may only use the telephone for calling friends and acquaintances or for quitting work, even if science has been lifted.
      • Sims may only use the computer for looking for jobs and for writing, even if science has been cleared.
    • Sims may not rummage in garbage cans.
    • Sims may not look through the telescope during the day.
    • Sims may not write mystery novels or watch the mystery channel on TV.
    • Sims may not lock their doors or fences.
      • If culinary restrictions are still in place, the door to the pantry may still be locked (you may lock your refrigerator in a room)
    • Kleptomaniac sims may not choose to steal anything from other sims or properties nor can they return what they have stolen autonomously.
    • Sims may not purchase Long Distance Friend lifetime Reward.

Once a super-sleuth arises, they discover the shady dealings the Head Coach has had with the Mayor and a certain prominent business man. The Coach has been selling prime game tickets to the mayor and his business crony in exchange for all the bandwidth to televise sporting events and advertise for product endorsements for the team. This talented gum shoe figures out who has been doing what, where, with whom and why, and they take their information right to the head of the SBI (Sims Bureau of Investigation), who orders a SWAT team stake out and arrest of the three criminals. Once the red tape has been cleared, a new Mayor elected and all business dealings cleared away, the town’s internet bandwidth and telephone services are restored.

Private Eye restrictions are lifted.


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