Regina Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Barrington Diamond
    • Professional Sports
    • 2 Star Celebrity
    • Cancer
    • Good Sense of Humor / Hydrophobic / Childish / Athletic / Mean Spirited
  • Woohoo at Home after Marriage = 3


  • Eccentric
  • Friendly
  • Party Animal
  • Neat
  • Night Owl

Hidden Traits:

  • Nerd
  • Spellcasting

Mystic Healer



  • Starting off with a random gnome picture… this looks like one of those magician type shows.

  • I have never actually watched a teen that gets up on the wrong side of the bed, but after catching this I am definitely going to be watching the next one closely.

  • Juliana sold the trees of prosperity and re-furnished the living room.  These foot massaging chairs are very popular.

  • I caught her mixing her young again potion into a drink.  She can’t drink it when she is pregnant though so back into her inventory it goes.

  • Quinn is a little uncooperative with his training.  He repeatedly gets off the potty too early even though his moods are high.  Most toddlers take five times on the potty, geniuses generally only take four, however Quinn took six times with a good mood and then a seventh after he took a bottle as by the that time he really was getting hungry.

  • Madelyn makes the honor roll and is ready to grow up but first she needs to correct a negative moodlet.  Juliana scolded her several days ago, during her last mood swing, for setting booby-traps.  Madelyn never apologized or asked for forgiveness and Juliana didn’t let her off the hook, so before she grows up she and Juliana have a little talk.

  • For the record, I played with the sliders and this is the largest boob size EA provides.  For the record, I will never slide it all the way to the end again.  Every girl born to Juliana has grown into these boobs since.

  • Quinn is insane not grumpy but you sure wouldn’t know it from his time as a toddler.

  • Madelyn heads in to give him a bottle and we get another good angle on those huge boobs.

  • No Quinn, you can’t touch them.

  • Want to bet?  Watch this…

  • Score!

  • Taking advantage of his awakening, Juliana finishes his toddler training.

  • Another just in time because she goes into labor within an hour of finishing.

  • Nothing like heading to the hospital with your husband to have a baby and having the baby’s father show up.

  • And then give everyone a ride home in his limo.


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