Renaissance Smackdown at the da Vinci House

Renaissance Smackdown at the da Vinci House

Leonardo da Vinci. Perhaps the greatest multi-facted talent the world will ever know. The archetype of the Renaissance Man. But, did you know that his wife was nearly his equal in other fields of knowledge? Maybe that’s a rumor I just started, but I digress….


Attain a Lifetime Wish of Renaissance Sim for 2 different sims in the same house as quickly as possible.


  1. Create 2 new young adult sims (Relationship Link = Spouse) with the lifespan option set to “Long.” You’re focus is only these 2 sims, so having a baby is not recommended. When you create these 2 sims, you must give both the Committment Issues trait and the Workaholic trait as these trigger the Renaissance Sim Lifetime Wish — at least with the 2 sims I created I had to give both of those traits.

  2. Build a house or move into an existing home — doesn’t matter. Change homes as often as you want.

  3. Skills Restrictions. The 3 skills you choose for one sim to master must be different from the 3 skills of the other sim.

  4. No cheats or modifications.

  5. The challenge ends when both sims have achieved their Renaissance Sim Lifetime Wish.


Whoever can accomplish the goal in the fewest game days wins.

Good luck, everyone!


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