Replacing Jimmy Bond: Mission Impossible?!

Replacing Jimmy Bond: Mission Impossible?! – ended June 30, 2014

Did you know that the world famous secret agent James Bond 007 had a long lost grand nephew, Jimmy? Apparently Jimmy has been MIA for nearly a month now and your Sim has been tagged as his replacement. But, here’s the kicker — we’re shackling you with horrible traits to make this a true challenge. Your mission — should you decide to accept it — is to step up and not only be a worthy double 0 agent, but a Double Oh No agent!

Similar to last year’s difficult Thank You for Your Service challenge, this event is the brainchild of Blackrosea. Enjoy!

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. Exceptions are noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Human Young Adult Sim with the following traits: Couch Potato, Clumsy, Over-Emotional, Hates the Outdoors, and Coward. Traits can never be changed or added.
  • Life state can never change.
  • Set your seasons option to either 28 days or turn seasons off completely.
  • You must immediately enter the Law Enforcement career and never quit the job. No other jobs allowed.
  • Lifetime Wish = International Super Spy and cannot be changed.
  • Into the Future needs to be turned off to receive job opportunities. To find out how to do this using Sim Selector 3.0 look at the General Rules or uninstall the old fashioned way using EA’s unistaller. You can also elect to play with ITF installed but will not receive opportunities.
  • No household additions.
  • Your Sim can only earn money from their career wages, any opportunities and vacation adventures (do not sell items found on vacation adventures), buying and selling businesses, and selling Celebrity freebies. This is an extremely important rule. If you make money any other way — even if it’s an accident, then you are DNF. Don’t make a mistake. Pay attention to where all household funds comes from. Save your file regularly and in the rare event the game tosses you some free money out of the blue, save your file under a new name, stop playing your file and PM the team with details.
  • Upgrading properties you have purchased is fine, but do not place any Family Inventory items on properties you have purchased.
  • Do not sell any items in Buy Mode from purchased properties.
  • No buying and selling from the consignment store or the elixir store.
  • No selling of any items from personal or Family inventory except celebrity freebies.
  • Elixirs, Herbs, and coffee beans are banned.
  • Going to University and the future are not allowed.
  • Island Paradise players cannot own a resort and also cannot stay overnight in a resort.
  • The Genie reward and Inheritance reward are banned.
  • This challenge is over when the requirements listed in the next section have been attained. If your Sim dies or your Sim misses a day of work (no taking unpaid vacation or staying home if they are sick), quits the Law Enforcement career or is fired, then post your score as DNF.**

**You are allowed a slight grace period…as long as your Sim is on their way to work within an hour, you’re fine. But, more than an hour and it’s game over.

Moving Basics and Requirements for Moving to the Next Town

  • It is your choice what town to start with and what towns to move to, but all 3 towns must be different.
  • Use your Sim’s phone to move to a new world.
  • Refresh your memory with the 2014 Tournament General Rules section on Creating Your Scoring File — you are allowed limited use of Edit Town for every town you move to in this event. Changes must be made before you go into Live Mode.

Before your secret agent is allowed to move to the next town they must complete the following requirements:

Town 1:
Sim must attain career level 4
Must go on a date and Woo Hoo with at least one local Sim (cannot be someone you met while on vacation)
Accomplish the requirements from one vacation world**

Town 2:
Sim must attain career level 7
Must go on a date and Woo Hoo with at least one local Sim (cannot be someone you met while on vacation)
Accomplish the requirements from one vacation world**

Town 3:
Sim must attain career level 10
Must go on a date and Woo Hoo with at least one local Sim (cannot be someone you met while on vacation)
Accomplish the requirements from one vacation world**

**You must take 3 different vacations (you can only take one vacation while in each town) — one in Egypt, one in France, and one in China. You must accomplish 3 things on each vacation:

  • Get at least VISA lvl 1;
  • Get skill lvl 3 in the associated skill of the particular location (photography in Egypt, Martial Arts in China, and Nectar Making in France);
  • Obtain 3 friends. Friendship status need to be obtained while on vacation—no inviting these Sims later to your town for the purpose of becoming friends.

On the skilling — All of the vacation requirement skilling must be done while on vacation and no reading skill books.

  • NOTE: You can go to a given vacation destination more than once if necessary to finish requirements — for example, while your home town is Sunset Valley you end up going to France two times (but you would not be able to go to China or Egypt).

Before you officially finish your mission you must also complete the following (all three requirements must be in place when you finish your file):

  • Attain level 5 celebrity status;
  • Buy a Margaret Vaguester vehicle ($105,000);
  • Max the Mixology skill.

Just as with the Grandmaster challenge earlier this year it all comes down to the total minutes it takes you to accomplish the requirements in all worlds and in each vacation. Once again, LenaLJ has come through with flying colors with a helpful spreadsheet (Lena you are awesome!). IMPORTANT: follow Lena’s instructions and do not leave certain cells blank or the spreadsheet will not calculate correctly.

Town Time — When you use your phone to move while in towns #1 and #2 you will get a pop-up screen asking you which town you want to move to. The game automatically pauses. Write down the hours and minutes (and if your finishing time was AM or PM) at that point. You do not need to worry about Weeks and Days in the spreadsheet for towns #1 and #2 because those are carried over to the next town. When you finish in town #3 you will need to note all information — weeks, days, hours, and minutes. Just plug in the appropriate cells in the pink section of the spreadsheet for your Town Time. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total Town Time from all three towns at the bottom of the pink section.

Vacation Time — Then, plug the necessary info for all three vacations (there are additional cells in case you need to return for another vacation in a given world) and the spreadsheet will give you your total vacation minutes in the purple section.

Total — The spreadsheet converts everything you plug in from both sections to the total minutes at the bottom in the blue cell.

When posting your score make sure to not just give us the minutes, but all the information so we can double check your result. Write down your Week/Days and exact time of the day for your Town Time when you are finished with the challenge. You also need to report the exact time you finished each vacation. So, as an example, please report your final score in the following fashion:

World 1 Week 1, Day 5, 8:25 AM
Egypt: Day 3, 8:45 PM

World 2 Week 2, Day 6, 4:15 PM
France: Day 3, 6:22 AM

World 3 Week 3, Day 2, 11: 49 PM
China: Day 2, 10:14 PM

Town Time = World 1 + World 2 + World 3
Vacation Time = Egypt + France + China
Total = Town Time + Vacation Time



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