Return to Metro’s Haven

Return to Metro’s Haven – ended May 31, 2014)

Every year we always offer players a big skilling challenge. With so many skills available from all expansions and with us allowing 3 pets instead of one you’re going to be busy with this final Sims 3 rendition. But, just like last year’s event — in Metro’s Haven we’ll let you cheat a little bit to put a smile on your face.

General Challenge Rules
The General Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Start with two Human Young Adult Sims.
  • No life state changing allowed.
  • You’re allowed to also create one horse, one dog, and one cat.
  • No household additions (Sims, pets, or unicorns) after going live and no Sim or pet can leave the household (including putting a pet up for adoption).
  • You are allowed to turn on Make Needs Static at the mailbox immediately upon entering Live Mode.
  • Advanced Technology, Jetpack, and Food Synthesizer are fine for this challenge. All other Into The Future bans are still in effect (check the General Rules).
  • All skill points for any household member must be unique — i.e. if Sim A has any points at all in cooking, then cooking is completely off limits for Sim B. Keep your eyes on your Sims!
  • If a household member (Sim or Pet) caps a skill and completes ONE related skill challenge, you can use the Buydebug cheat and purchase ONE object. ALL Buydebug objects are available for purchase—just remember you can only purchase ONE per reward. Consignment and collection challenges do not qualify to unlock Buydebug purchases.
  • 14 days University/travel allowed for the household. All household members count against this total, so if two household members go to the future for three days you have used up 6 days of your allotment.
  • Make Needs Static and Buydebug are the only allowed cheats for this challenge.
  • Update skill and skill challenge information regularly in case a Sim dies because once a Sim dies you will not be able to access their Skill Journal.
  • If a household member dies, you may take credit for what that Sim has accomplished and can continue to finish the challenge with only the remaining household members.
  • This challenge concludes at the end of 4 weeks (Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Maxed Skills — At the conclusion of the challenge, pause your game and look at your notes. Any maxed skill = 1000 points.

Skill Points — For any remaining skills that are not maxed give yourself 50 points per skill point earned.

Challenges — Everyone begins with a Challenges multiplier of 1.00. Completing Skill Challenges adds 5% (.05) to the multiplier. Important: You can add to the multiplier by completing the various Collecting and Consignment challenges — just remember that those two skills are not true skills that can be maxed.

Total — Add up your Maxed Skills and Skill Points and then multiply by the Challenges.

Let’s go through an example: The challenge comes to an end and you pause your game. At that point you have maxed 13 skills. You have 5 other non-maxed skills with 30 total skill points. Finally, you were able to complete 15 skill challenges.

13 maxed skills = 13000
30 skill points in non-maxed skills = 1500
15 skill challenges X .05 = .75. Final multiplier = 1.00 + .75 = 1.75.

Total = (13000 + 1500) X 1.75 = 25375



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