Sanity Move

I remember why I quit playing this challenge.  The hanging, the freezing, and the lag.  I was trying to keep all of the family together and the last move had all of the kids bringing their households to the new town.  This time, the core family and no one else. They have collected lots and lots of stuff, but they will be leaving it all behind this time.  They will be moving to Moonlight Falls so Juliana can catch some occult daddies.

{well, hell.  You can’t move to a new town while someone is pregnant.  So we have to survive another 36 game hours.}


{3 freeze, force stop, and reloads so far} and a picture of the old house, where they own every. single. thing. in the game.


{Regina has learned to potty and walk and is working on talking now.  Saving every few minutes >.<}


Baby Sophia is born, so the family quickly packs up their stuff… and moves to Moonlight Falls. BabySophia

Making the move this time will be Juliana and Regina,




Olivia and Sophia,


Parker, and




The family chooses to move into this house, and hopefully I don’t regret it…

Moonlight Falls



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