Prerequisites – None

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”-Arthur C Clark

Without the flawless power grid and advanced electronics companies of modern day, the high tech gizmos that were once relied upon have slipped out of the population’s reach again. Technology has taken a step backwards.


    • Sims may not purchase and use automobiles or motorbikes at all. Sims MAY have a bicycle, however.
      • EXCEPTION – on the first day of the challenge, a sim MAY purchase the cheapest car. You MAY use this car but you MUST pay protection on it each week. At any time you fail to pay protection on it and lose the car, you may not replace it when you have the funds UNTIL Science is cleared.
      • If a spouse you marry in owns a vehicle, you MAY place and use it as above. Again, you must pay protection as long as Criminal remains uncleared.
      • Until Science is cleared, you may only have a single car in your family.
    • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the electronics category except for a single computer, a single phone, and a single inexpensive boom-box.
    • The cell phone in sims backpack inventories is a glorified walkie-talkie with multiple channels.
      • You can call other sims you are acquainted with (you have their ham radio call sign),
      • you can invite over sims you are good friends with or you have a romantic relationship with,
      • you can quit your job (if you are late for work or you turn elder before Comforting Children has been cleared).
    • The one computer you are allowed is nothing more than a glorified typewriter. You may only use the cheapest computer to write books or articles or practice writing. Sims may not work from home on it either.
    • You may not call the exterminator (also requires Business to hire Service Sim).
    • Sims may not Take Pictures with cameras or cell phones.
    • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Lights” category except for kerosene lanterns, candelabra or torches.
    • Sims may not purchase or use the trash compactor, electric guitar, washer or dryer.
    • Sims may not run through the sprinkler
    • Sims may not garden (a viable alternative to the toxic ash that passes for soil has not yet been found).
    • Sims may not go fishing (the water in the ocean, in lakes and in streams is still too toxic for sims to even approach)
    • Sims may not use the Inventor’s Bench
    • Sims may not go on the Free Vacation because the instruments at the airports are non-functional.
    • Sims may not swim in the ocean because the water is too toxic. Also restricted by Military, Naturalist,Athletics, and Medical
      • This carries over even if you don’t have Seasons since it was implemented in a game wide patch just before Seasons was released. Everyone who’s game is patched up to date can swim in the ocean now.
    • Sims may not purchase the Body Sculptor (also restricted by Alien Technology), Collection Helper (also restricted by Alien Technology), Fast Learner, Food Replicator (also restricted by Alien Technology), Hover Bed (also restricted by Alien Technology), Moodlet Manager (also restricted by Alien Technology), Motive Mobile (also restricted by Alien Technology), or My Best Friend (also restricted by Alien Technology) lifetime rewards.

Once a great scientist emerges from the family, the knowledge of known technologies is restored to the area, so the gizmos may be produced again. The power grid is repaired enough to use these gizmos and gadgets in the house. Even though science is back on track, no sim may create a Simbot except for the Descendant of DaVinci. But everything else is fair game.


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