Sim of the Month Rules

Sim of the Month Challenge

What is the Sim of the Month Challenge?

Once per month, I will be uploading a new sim to my simpage. You will be given a very specific goal and a very specific set of restrictions unique to that month’s sim. You goal is to achieve the goal while obeying the restrictions in as few sim-days as possible.

Universal Rules
There are a set of rules and restrictions universal to all Sims posted for this challenge, but don’t worry, they are much fewer than the Legacy Challenge.

You may not purchase the “Mid-life crisis” perk to change the sim’s traits.
You may not merge households on the neighborhood level.
You may not move in/marry player made or downloaded sims. All other sims are fair game (unless specifically restricted by that month’s sim)
No cheating (Money cheats, mood cheats, hacks that give you an advantage over those who do not have the hack)
You must obey the sim-specific restriction. Failing to do so means the challenge is failed.
You may use any aging speed you like. In fact you are encouraged to use epic speed if you want to keep a single neighborhood with all your past Sims of the Month. Story progression can be on or off at your discretion.

Awesomemod is allowed with this challenge, just be sure to turn off any aspects that affect jobs.
If you can’t/don’t want to download this month’s sim from my simpage, you’re more than welcome to re-make him or her in CAS. Even change their name and appearance if you wish. The important parts to replicate are the sim’s age, gender, lifetime wish and traits.

The only score for this and all Sims of the month will be speed. You will be racing against time. The fewer days you can accomplish your goal, the better.

Starting off
Download the sim of the month (or re-make them yourself) and import them into any neighborhood. You may want to create a neighborhood used for all of your Sims of the month, but you don’t have to. The sim must be alone when he or she is moved in. You may move the sim into ANY lot they can afford, as long as it is unoccupied. This can be a pre-built or empty lot. Once you do that, your challenge begins!


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