Skill of the Week

Skill of the Week

“Where does their money come from?” the neighbors wonder. One sim just stays home and putters around with hobbies; the other leaves for work but never says where. And their household funds keep getting larger and larger…

To make as much money for your sims as possible with the following restrictions — one sim has to make money from a new skill each week; the other has to have a job as a Secret Agent and reach the point where there’s a choice between branches.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Human Young Adults.
  • You are allowed to add one Maxis-made spa venue to Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, Magnolia Promenade, Newcrest, or Windenburg.  Choose between these four: Perfect Balance Spa, Center of Center Massage, Aham Ashram Yoga Studio, or Luxe Health Club.  Choose wisely which spa venue you want to add, no changing after you start your game.
  • You are allowed to use the Buydebug cheat for the sole purpose of purchasing a satellite to prevent abductions. Take the satellite with you if you move to prevent using Buydebug again.
  • No adding to the household.
  • Week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • This challenge ends when your Sims turn Elder.

Sim A
Must take the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration and cannot change until it is completed.
Cannot join any career.
Can only make money from one skill per week.
There are 19-25 skills in game, 6 of which can be chosen. Other skills may be developed but cannot be used to make money.
Cannot pre-level a skill before the week starts. In other words, Sim A cannot start painting in Week 1 but use painting as a money-making skill in Week 2.

Sim B
Must take the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and cannot change until it is completed.
Can only make money from career, selling the career rewards, and skill of the week.
Must join Secret Agent career on day one.
Must reach Diamond Agent or Villain branch of the career.
Cannot change jobs, must stick with that one career for the entire game.
Cannot be fired from job.
Cannot buy professional slacker reward.
Cannot take vacation day (from work), cannot take sick day, cannot miss work, cannot write excuse note.
Sim B can also make money by doing the skill of the week.

More Restrictions

  • Cannot sell items via retail store.
  • Ambrosia is banned.  Cannot make and sell this item at all.
  • Ask for loan (Charisma) is banned.
  • Royalties from books, apps, games, and songs are banned.  You can write books and sell them, but you can never send them off for royalties.
  • Harvests from gardening skill must be sold immediately.
  • Sim B is allowed to pre-level Logic but cannot create any microscope prints or space prints unless Logic is the skill of the week.


Household Funds — When your two Sims turn Elder, pause your game and note your Household Funds in the bottom left of the game.


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