Smirnoff Gamble

Smirnoff Gamble is the lucky, sort-of randomized sim that will be starting off this legacy.  In the spirit of the  rules, her traits were rolled once and accepted as is.  While they were not horrible, there were a few I generally don’t like to use.


  • Slob
  • Party Animal
  • Animal Lover
  • Couch Potato
  • Rebellious

Lifetime Wish

  • Bottomless Nectar Cellar   *achieved*

Smirnoff gets her name from my daughter’s preferred adult beverage simply because these are ALL my daughter’s traits.

Apparently I didn’t take many pictures during this first play session, I will get better. I promise.

The spouse of choice was Gobias Koffi.  Since Smirnoff was working on making nectar she needed a gardener helper and he came with gardening skills.

His traits really sucked and I actually kicked him out then moved him back in when I realized she really needed his gardening skills.


  • Loser
  • Childish
  • Over-Emotional
  • Flirty
  • Never Nude

Lifetime Wish

  • Jack of All Trades
    • Science level 5
    • Ghost Hunter level 5
    • Medical level 2
    • Nectar Maker planned for the future

Smirnoff wanted a pet so she adopted Henry.  Henry as a kitten was Clueless and Noisy.  He is constantly waking everyone up while they are sleeping.  As an adult kitty he has developed the traits: Hunter, Adventurous, and Non-Destructive.

Smirnoff has spent time traveling to France and China.  Mostly to France for the nectar.  She has achieved visa level 2 at 85% in France and visa level 1 at 96% in China.

This is apparently where I stopped taking pictures…

Between trips to France, China, and France, she and Gobias had several children.  The apple/watermelon thing must be broken because despite eating watermelons non-stop they now have three boys: Basil, Alexander, and Arthur.

This generation’s name scheme is brought to you by the fine folks of Babar the Elephant.  The boys named their imaginary friends Sonia, Isabelle, and Zephir.  Sonia is not from Babar but is the name of a 3-year old my sister babysits and she gave me a tootsie roll so I had to name the first girl for her, right?  anyways…

I did get pictures of Basil…

This first generation is going to test out the boarding schools so Basil was enrolled in Dribbledine Sports Academy.  Alexander is off at LeFromage Art School and Arthur will be attending Smuggsworth Prep School.  Which means they still need two more kids.

Arthur sleeping…

Random Picture: Smirnoff tells Gobias a secret while courting him…


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