Sophie, Imaginary Friend, Generation 6

Sophie Zabala, Imaginary Friend Female

University Days: 14/27
Toddler Requirements: Logic & Writing; Best Friends with Mom and Dad
Child Requirements: Made the Honor Roll and Completed Schoolyard Chums
Teen Requirements: Made the Honor Roll, Reached level 3 at the Mausoleum, and had Cameron Lloyd as a Romantic Interest

Adult Requirements:
One Best Friend

  • Cameron Lloyd, Witch

Two Career Rewards

  • Skill Certificate, Riding
  • NATHCR Championship Trophy, Riding

Three Opportunities

  • Oh My Ghost!
  • Authorized Biography
  • Broadway Cameo

Four Lifetime Happiness Rewards

  • Animal Expert
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Dirt Defiant
  • Carefree

Five Regular Wishes (≥ 5,000 LHP)

  • Master Riding Skill
  • Master Mixology Skill
  • Master Street Art Skill
  • Master Alchemy Skill
  • Complete a Degree

Six Skill Challenges

  • Master Muralist
  • Precision Sprayer
  • Always Wanted
  • Free Range Scientist
  • Experienced Experimentalist
  • Master Alchemist


  • Riding Trophies



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