Storey Legacy, Chapter 1.2

Welcome back!

05-17-15_9-35 AM

With all of the kids children, everyone begins working in earnest to earn an A in school and completed their aspiration.

Britany is the oldest.

05-17-15_9-37 AM-2

Kaitlyn is her twin, and second born.

05-17-15_9-37 AM-3

Stefany is the third child.

05-17-15_9-36 AM

Maralyn is the youngest.

05-17-15_9-37 AM

Pelham fishes up a cowplant berry and Miranda plants it in the garden.

05-17-15_10-48 AM

Apparently, they die easily.  This is 48 hours later.

05-17-15_11-03 AM

Using the points earned by Pelham, the family completes their collection of Rewards potions.

05-17-15_11-58 AM

The birthdays start with Britany.

05-17-15_12-46 PM

And end with Maralyn.

05-17-15_3-45 PM

And now it is time to vote for the heiress.  Please vote over on Boolprop!

05-17-15_3-52 PM

Britany is Cheerful and Outgoing.  She will be a Friend of the World.

05-17-15_3-53 PM

Kaitlyn is an Art Lover and Music Lover. She will be a Musical Genius.

05-17-15_3-53 PM-2

Stefany is a Childish Goofball. She will be a Party Animal.

05-17-15_3-53 PM-4

Maralyn is a Genius Bookworm. She will be a Computer Whiz.

05-17-15_3-53 PM-3


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