Storey Legacy, Chapter 1.3

Over the course of their years, all four girls actually made an A in both grade school and high school.

05-18-15_6-52 PM

While the girls worked on their school and aspirations, Miranda and Pelham worked on their careers and aspirations.  Miranda was the overachieving winner completing three Nature aspirations.

05-19-15_8-39 PM

Due to aggressive fishing, Pelham provides Miranda with many Cowplant berries to plant.

05-19-15_9-12 PM

The family and the maid regularly get swallowed and spit out providing many bottles of Essence.

05-19-15_9-18 PM

Luckily, none have died.  Yet.

05-19-15_9-19 PM

Pelham is missing two unique fish to complete the fourth Nature aspiration when he ages to an elder.

05-19-15_9-42 PM

With the focus on Pelham and Miranda, the twins grow up unnoticed.

05-19-15_9-48 PM

Miranda has earned the right to do whatever she wants for her final years.

05-20-15_6-02 PM

Kaitlyn tries to make herself some dinner and things go awry.

05-20-15_6-22 PM

Welp – the legacy will have its first ghost – Fire.

05-20-15_6-25 PM 05-20-15_6-25 PM-2

I was really hoping Grim would get swallowed.  But only the maid this time, providing a vial of Stressed potion this time.

05-20-15_6-28 PM


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