Storey Legacy, Chapter 2.1

Picking up where the last chapter left off…  Pelham dies of overexhaustion.

05-21-15_8-17 PM

This saddens Miranda with a broken heart.

05-21-15_8-21 PM

Everyone, in their sadness, headed straight for the hungry cowplants.  This time we lost Stefany.

05-21-15_8-28 PM

Maralyn tries to set herself on fire and has been banned from cooking for the time being.

05-22-15_8-57 PM

Hello ghostly Kaitlyn.

05-22-15_9-10 PM

The remaining members of the family settle into a routine, with Miranda working on reaching the top of her career.

05-23-15_7-01 AM

Britany joins the world of business and spends her time writing reports.

05-23-15_7-01 AM-2

Maralynn works on her career as a tech guru by programming and whatnot.

05-23-15_7-04 AM

Miranda is a scientist and spends her free time at work working on a rocket.  She finishes building it and takes it into space to explore.

05-23-15_7-57 AM

05-23-15_7-57 AM-2

05-23-15_7-57 AM-3

Woah, what a ride!

05-23-15_7-59 AM

Time is passing and it is time for the girls to find spouses.  Britany really likes Lester Pennington.

05-23-15_11-06 AM

Generally, sims are not given any life extending potions, but Miranda still needs to explore space some more, so she gets to drink the Essence of Stefany.

05-23-15_11-17 AM

Lester really does like Britany but when they get engaged, he responds weirdly.  And Britany’s expression is quite wrong for the occasion also.

05-23-15_11-25 AM

There are no pictures of the wedding party, because I was too busy trying for that gold medal.  They are married and very happy.

05-23-15_12-35 PM

and pregnant.

05-23-15_12-36 PM

The heiress is having a harder time with her interest.  They get along great at first.

05-23-15_1-07 PM

They are maxed out on their relationship, so Maralyn proposes.

05-23-15_1-07 PM-2

Which Maverick rejects.

05-23-15_1-07 PM-3

Maralyn is crushed. (I have lost legacies at this point before which is why Britany is still in the house).

05-23-15_1-07 PM-4

Thankfully, Maralyn survives her embarrassment and they finally get married.

05-23-15_2-06 PM

Maralyn is excited to find out she is also going to have a baby.

05-23-15_1-06 PM

Maverick is not so happy about life though.

05-23-15_1-45 PM

Pregnant sisters

05-23-15_2-29 PM

Britany is headed to the hospital to have her baby (no pictures of the babies until next chapter as Maralyn also had her baby)

05-23-15_2-43 PM

Lester is a good daddy

05-23-15_6-01 PM

When Maralyn attempts to get Maverick to make another baby, he rejects her again.  This time Maralyn decides they are unsuited for another.

05-23-15_7-05 PM

They very very quickly declare each other enemies.

05-23-15_7-05 PM-2

Maralyn divorces Maverick and he moves out to live with his friends the Landgraabs.

05-23-15_7-06 PM

Points to Date
Family 2
Creative 0
Fortune 1
Love 2
Knowledge 2
Athletic 4
Nature 3
Food 1
Popularity 0
Deviance 3
Penalty Points 0


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