Summernesse, a Sims 2 Build a City Challenge

I have this marked as completed on September 18, 2008 – however, this is the post found through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  The points shown would be have meant that I did not complete the challenge.  …still looking…

Households: 18
Playable Sims: 98
Community Lots: 16
Business Districts: 2
Universities: 1
Downtown: No
Sim Multiplier: 20
Population: 1960

Sims at University: 1 (Paige Banks)

Home [1]: Wheeler’s Table Games R10
Player [13]: Abigail’s Cafe R10; Sims Bubbles R1; London Park R1; Go Painting R5; Rock with Jill R1; Mac Sporting Goods R4; Cecil’s Telescopes R4; Marilyn’s Select Fish R4; Emily’s Toys R2; Lynne Tang Duds R1; B&B’s R1; Meadow-dancin’ R1; Summer Racers R0
NPC [3]: Sportsnesse Bowl; Louvrenesse Museum; Summernesse Rec Center
non-counted NPC [1]: military base

CAS Sims
Earned from Community lots: 16
Earned from University: 5
Earned from Business districts: 10
Sims Created: 7
Sims Remaining: 24

University: 1,000,000 collected (Autumntyme University)
Business districts: 2 earned (East Westcrest; West Eastcrest)

Athletic: unlocked to all
Business: unlocked to all
Criminal: 0/1 (Abe Deppiesse)
Culinary: 0/1 (Abigail Macarevich)
Law Enforcement (14 fires):0/4 (Jace Macarevich, Neil Chalmers, Goopy GilsCarbo, Cody Nelson)
Law Enforcement (7 burglaries): 0/2 (Russ Bear, Jarred Scott)
Law Enforcement (population 500): 1/1
Medical: 1/1
Military: unlocked to all
Politics: unlocked to all
Science: unlocked to all
Slacker: 0/2 (Amin Sims, Orlando Bertino)
Adventurer: 0/1 (Calista Fuchs)
Education: 5/6 (Tosha Marlow)
Gamer: 0/5 (Alyson Macarevich, Waylon Menon, Amy GilsCarbo, Ellen Scott, Skye Fleig)
Journalism: 1/1
Journalism (Captain Hero): 1/1
Law: unlocked to graduates
Music: unlocked to all
Show Business: unlocked to graduates
Paranormal: unlocked to graduates
Natural Science: unlocked to graduates
Artist: unlocked to graduates
Architecture (34 lots): 0/3 (Garrick Chalmers, Scarlet Scott, Kirk Scott)
Dance: locked
Entertainment (maxed charisma): 0/2 (Lynne Tang, Summer Sims)
Oceanography (gold fishing): 0/1 (Marilyn Chalmers)
Intelligence (Science): 0/1 (Titus Nelson)

Pet Jobs
Show Biz: 0/1 (Leroy Macarevich)
Service: unlocked for all pets
Security: unlocked for all pets

LTW Achieved: 2
Jace Macarevich: Earn 100,000
Kyla Nelson: Mad Scientist


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