100 Babies of Grace, Merry.6

It is time for the next baby making get together so Merry calls up Akira and invites him over. They use the front closet for some baby woohoo.  Denali walks by and he guesses at what is going on…  and stood that laughing the entire time… Once Merry knows that their “merging” was successful, she […]

100 Babies of Grace, Merry.5

Merry wastes no time – I am not even trying to space any more.  Baako obliges with the closet woohoo, twice. Meanwhile, Catalina enjoys a quiet, peaceful meal of fruit salad and ignores the sounds coming from the front closet. Merry checks the stick and sure enough there is a baby on the way. With […]

100 Babies of Grace, Merry.4

Denali has needed more baths than any toddler.  And he hasn’t done anything – he hasn’t played in the toilet, or used his diaper as far as I have noticed.  But his hygiene keeps tanking. It has been so long since I have had a child age up without completing their childhood aspiration that I […]

100 Babies of Grace, Merry.3

Spacing out the babies didn’t last long…  This update starts right off with Merry inviting over Caleb to become baby daddy #3.  Yes Caleb, it is still daylight.  I am surprised you agreed to come over also. They get right down to business, which actually turns out to be a smart decision, since it takes […]