2020 Challenges

2020.11 Nuts for Collections

This challenge is all about collecting. But the collections must be completed to count, with a multiplier for working on Nature aspirations. Nuts for Collections August 17 to September 6 Goal: It’s probably not just […]

Board Game Challenge

Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.1

After reading the latest joint legacy between MeadowThayer/Haleigh (MeadowThayerr) and Taube/Roxanne (22Taube), The Quest Log, I decided I wanted to to do a joint legacy with my sister. We talked through several ideas, deciding that […]

Exploring History

History of Sims, Stoners 1.1

Somehow, I think this challenge started itself. It is not a short challenge. In fact it is a very long challenge, as we explore history with our sims. The challenge is called Exploring History and […]