Caoilinn Montrose

Caoilinn Montrose (kwee-lin) Traits: Squeamish, Outgoing, Self-Assured (Charmer) Spouse: Stephon Farrell Caoilinn used the satellite hoping to meet an alien and she was not disappointed.  She even fell in love with Stephon and asked him to stay with her permanently.  He agreed and she began working as a Doctor.  I had not played through the […]

Siobhan Montrose

Siobhan Montrose (shi-vawn) Traits: Perfectionist, Neat, Romantic (Clingy) Spouse: Ali Ferhat Siobhan chose to be a scientist. “Chose”.  Ali was selected for the astronaut program.  Not a lot happened this generation to make them stand out.  They worked, they made a nooboo, Deirdre got abducted many times (never Ali), they woohooed (Ali survived). When Caoilinn […]

Deirdre Montrose

Deirdre Montrose (deer-dre) Traits: Genius, Good, Active (Wild) Spouse: Nobuya Suzuki Deirdre is my very first detective.  Of course, first she needs to get married.  Nobuya is the lucky guy, and of course they get romantic, engaged, and married while Treasa sleeps.  Nothing like spending the first day (or week) at work dealing with the […]

Treasa Montrose

Treasa Montrose (tray-sa) Traits: Good, Cat Lover, Dog Lover (Inquisitive) Spouse: Dante Roach Treasa purchases an empty lot and builds herself a vet clinic (actually she downloads one from the gallery because I suck at building).  She begins by adopting pets, Simon and Biddy.  Simon and Biddy soon had three puppies named Paddy, Guinness, and […]

Catriona Montrose

Catriona Montrose (ka-tree-na) Traits: Geek, Genius, Loves Outdoors Spouse: Ramiro Molina Catriona heads off to Selvadorada to begin her jungle exploration and career as an archaeologist. She comes back with more than she planned though.  She makes several more trips to the jungle taking Treasa with her (whatever made her think a toddler belonged on […]

Montrose Legacy

Introduction Since September 2, 2014, I have been attempting to complete a regular 10-generation legacy.  Nothing unique, nothing special, just a normal legacy.  I have started many, many, many, many, many, many, many, way too many games trying to get past the second, third, and fourth generations.  One thing or another has stopped me.  Death […]