DyNasty of Darkness

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 8

The first thing I did was update/tweak the house: 3rd floor/Attic remodel the attic for the black sheep -done Basement/Dungeon add the museum -done (top empty room) add holding cells for prisoners -done (four) add […]

Trailer Park Challenge

Hickey TPC: Introduction

What am I doing?  Why am I starting another challenge?  Because this one sounded like fun.  So here we are.  Let’s find out what we are doing first.  The trailer park challenge is basically a […]

100 Baby Challenge

Merry’s Intermission

I found my notes and was thinking about what I would have done if Indiana had been a girl. I still would have gone with Yuma because I had already put too much time and […]

DyNasty of Darkness

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 6

It doesn’t take long before the first item is checked off of my list.  My daughter, Avarice Proud is born.  My daughter.  She will not carry Vlad’s name, she will not be his daughter.  In […]