Karma Academy: Chapter 17

The end goal of this chapter is the end of the challenge.  There is one thing that needs to be accomplished and that is for Miranda to complete one of the Family aspirations.  That means, for the most part, everyone is doing their own thing. The toddlers are still working on maxed out their skills […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 14

Generation 3 Memorializing Heritage Aspiration: Family Lot Trait: Good Schools or Child’s Play Marry a Human Sim Have at least one human-looking offspring Complete Family aspiration Have a Human best friend Build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy (>§100,000) Miranda has moved into her very own empty lot in Newcrest.  Her plan is to build the Close […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 13

While everyone sleeps, Puck works.  Puck also doesn’t get his own room.  He will be sharing a room with Astraea and Jayceon until Athena moves out. Once he reaches level 5 communication, his next task is movement. Welcome to hell, where even the spare to the spare doesn’t get off easy. Before school on Monday, […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 11

Astraea is “almost” finished with her mission objectives.  She still has to finish upgrading the rocket, which she is doing as they have the money to pay for it. That means there hasn’t been any money for any more upgrades to the house yet.  Jayceon is working his tail off – not his belly, just […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 10

Astraea is working on maxing logic. Level 9 and counting. Jayceon is still cranking out paintings.  As he paints them and sells them, Astraea spends the money on the house.  They now have finished walls and floors in all the rooms. Athena spends the day fishing to make her contribution to the family.  Everyone pitches […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 9

With the simoleons that Jayceon brings to the household, they are able to improve their situation somewhat.  Jayceon and Astraea will actually have a bedroom and a bed, while Athena will also get to move her belongings into a bedroom.  Astraea buys a rocket kit so she can begin building her rocket.  They get a […]

Karma Academy: Chapter 8

Athena wakes up sad because she is very hungry and very grungy.  Actually, I believe this goes beyond grungy and well into “someone give that baby a bath” territory. By the time she gets her food and is heading back to her bed to eat it, they have received notification that Cali has died.  So, […]