Masterful Sims: Time for the Children

Peter gets up early on Wednesday to get breakfast going for the kids.  He is so close to his next promotion that today should be the day.  Except today is Winterfest, which he doesn’t remember yet. Since Paige and Peter are pretty much just waiting on promotions, the focus has moved to the little ones.  […]

Masterful Sims: Toddler Goals

They just can’t seem to sleep through the night.  Peter is up to make breakfast at a time when the sun hasn’t even considered rising. Paige is also awake taking care of Abigail.  Once she settles Abigail down, she finds time for a shower for herself. Amanda is awake again. And she is starving, so […]

Masterful Sims: StrangerVille

Spoiler Warning: the spoilers for the mystery in this update are probably 4 on a scale of 1-10.  Peter is still working on the StrangerVille Mystery but is close to having it solved.  This should be the last update that talks about the mystery. While they are at the museum, they see a weird sight.  Even […]

Masterful Sims: Getting Started

The Master Simmer Challenge by illusorythrall “This challenge is all about doing everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in the game of Sims 4.  Also, this is NOT played on a “point system”, that would be way too complicated. The ultimate goal is to get it done in 26 generations…” Rules: All sims must […]