Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.5

Georgia and Natalia get back into bed as the game loads.  I took the picture but have nothing to actually say about it. Jenna gets breakfast ready because the toddlers aren’t going to stay in bed much longer.  And there they come. As they are heading to the kitchen, they notice the nooboo in the […]

Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.4

The monsters are out to greet the twins on their first night in the new house.  Yes, in the course of their redecorating, they forgot the nightlights. Slowly the remodeling is coming along.  The entry and living room is the latest to get done. It is quickly time for the new baby as Jenna goes […]

Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.3

Bobby begins the process of training Georgia on the potty.  She doesn’t do so well and that makes her sad, but she is wild and that makes her hyper. Olivia and Sophia are taking naps in their new bedroom.  Well, it is the same bedroom, but the house has received windows, curtains, flooring, and wall […]

Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.1

For some random reason, I decided to start another new challenge.  The premise is to start with a unique founding sim and then to pass along their genetics for 10-generations.  Come along for the ride as I take on the Perfect Genetics Challenge. Jenna Oakes is our perfect founder.  She will need to pass along […]