Immortal Teenager

Bella Immortal, Week 2

I don’t know why I started the last chapter as 1.1 because there is only going to be Bella so there won’t be a second generation.  What I am going to do is post each […]

100 Baby Challenge

Yuma’s Epilogue

With the challenge officially over, it is time for Yuma to begin making her plans for her retirement.  The best part of this is the fact that she is not an elder. In fact, she […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.24

With Castor and Cosmos moving out, there is room for the last two babies that Yuma needs to complete this challenge.  Yuma crosses off Jorden’s brother since he would also be Clyde’s son and moves […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.22

Yuma gets struck by lightning again.  It doesn’t give her the dazed moodlet, it gives her the energized one and this might be because she has the Storm Chaser trait.  She is also still getting […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.21

Yuma starts off this update with a dinner party for the Master Chef aspiration.  They really should overlap since she got had a gold dinner party already.  This time she didn’t invite anyone but Elvira […]

100 Baby Challenge

100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.19

Welcome back to everyone standing outside.  That hasn’t happened in awhile.  An update on the challenge count – neither Elvira or Felicia are vampires, so the count is 80/100. First things first – the kids […]