Thank You for Your Service

Thank You for Your Service! – ended November 10, 2013

This is a tribute to all the military families out there that work hard for our freedom…

Can you take one Sim with horrible traits and have them achieve success in the military while their stay-at-home spouse with equally bad traits tries to raise a family? There’s plenty of other restrictions in this very difficult challenge courtesy of Blackrosea. She was incredibly helpful through the whole process — she not only came up with the idea but helped me flesh out all the details.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. Exceptions are noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Human Young Adult Married Sims. The Military Sim must have the following traits which can never be changed: Couch Potato, Clumsy, Over-Emotional, Hates the Outdoors, and Light Sleeper. Lifetime Wish = Become an Astronaut. The Stay-at-Home Sim must have the following traits which can never be changed: Dislikes Children, Grumpy, Light Sleeper, Snob, and Over-Emotional. Lifetime Wish = Surrounded by Family.
  • For Seasons players before going into Live mode and playing your file, choose summer as your season, and set it to 28 days. Turn the other seasons off. Temperature can be set to your choice via a cheat (turn cheats on > click on the ground > Seasons > Set Temperature. This needs to be done in every town you live in. Turn cheats off when you are done.
  • The Into the Future expansion is banned for this challenge. Do not install it or turn it off before playing your file.
  • New traits can never be added.
  • Lifetime Wishes can never be changed.
  • Lifetime Wishes/traits of children are players choice.
  • Life states can never change.
  • Your starting Sims, their children and any pets are the only household members allowed.
  • No household members can be moved out.
  • The Military Sim can only earn money from their career wages and any opportunities, and the Stay-at-Home Sim can never have any job/profession/be self employed, but aside from those restrictions on your 2 starting Sims your household can obtain money in other ways.
  • Children must be the result of natural pregnancy. No adoption allowed.
  • Going on Vacation or to University is not allowed.
  • Boarding school is banned.
  • The Nerd social group “mind meld” is banned.
  • The Sim Finder App is banned.
  • The All-in-One Bathroom is banned.
  • Island Paradise players cannot own a resort.
  • All Lifetime Rewards are banned.
  • The Genie is banned.
  • Transfiguration is banned.
  • Group Science Project is banned.
  • All Elixirs, Incense holders, Drinks, Herbs and coffee beans, potions, and the Relationship Transmorgrifier are banned.
  • No Maids, Butlers, Babysitters, Bonehilda, and Brain Enhancing Machines.
  • We know there are a ton of bans/restrictions in this event, but we want this to be old school — we want it to be hard for the military Sim to advance. We want it to be hard for the stay-at-home Sim to raise kids and to make friends. So, aside from completing certain skill challenges to gain certain advantages anything that would be considered a shortcut to what needs to be done is banned. Period. That includes any possible new content in the new expansion that would cut your time.
  • This challenge is over when 1) the requirements listed in the next section have been attained; 2) if any household member dies from something aside from old age; 3) if your Military Sim is fired; 4) if your Military Sim misses a day of work**; 5) if a Child/Teen misses a day of school**.

**You are allowed a slight grace period…as long as your Sim is on their way to work or school within an hour, you’re fine. But, more than an hour and it’s game over.
NOTE: Adults cannot miss work, not even if they are sick. Sick children can stay home only if they have been sent home from school.

Moving Basics and Requirements for Moving to the Next World

  • It is your choice what worlds to move to, but all 4 worlds must be different.
  • Use the in-game method of a Sim’s phone to move to a new neighborhood.
  • The mom cannot be pregnant when you move.
  • For worlds #1 – #3 you may only call to move between 7-9 am because the game clock automatically resets to 8 am when starting in new neighborhoods. Note: there is no moving after world #4, so the day you finish the requirements in world #4 is the day you finish the challenge…no waiting until the next morning.
  • Refresh your memory with the 2013 Tournament General Rules section on Creating Your Scoring File — you are allowed limited use of Edit Town for every world you move to in this event. Changes must be made before you go into Live Mode.

Before your military family is allowed to move to the next world the household must complete the following requirements:

World 1:
Stay-at-home Sim must have 5 friends* outside the household
Military Sim must attain career level 3
You must have at least one new child  in World #1 and the firstborn in World #1 must reach child age

World 2:
Stay-at-home Sim must have 5 friends* outside the household
Military Sim must attain career level 6
You must have at least one new child in World #2 and the firstborn in World #2 child must reach child age

World 3:
Stay-at-home Sim must have 5 friends* outside the household
Military Sim must attain career level 8
You must have at least one new child in World #3 and the firstborn child in World #3 must reach child age

World 4:
Stay-at-home Sim must have 5 friends* outside the household
Stay-at-home Sim must complete the Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish
Military Sim must attain career level 10 (complete the Become an Astronaut LTW)
You must have at least one new child in World #4 and the firstborn child in World #4 must reach child age

You are only allowed to “cake up” a Baby and Toddler only if they have accomplished the following (a Child and Teen cannot be caked up):

Baby: Best Friends with the Stay-at-Home Sim

Toddler: Has finished Potty Training, Learning to Walk, Learning to Talk + maxing one skill

*Friends must show up in the relationship panel at all times for them to count.
Note: Only the parents are allowed to provide any kind of care for a Baby or Toddler.

Scoring for this challenge is simple. You simply pause your game when you have finished all the requirements in World #4, and look at the game clock to note the Weeks and Days and convert it to Total Days for your score. So, for example if the game clock says Week 3, Day 5 then it took you 2 full weeks (14 days) + 5 days of week 3. 14 + 5 = 19.

If you do not make it to the end due to one of the 5 reasons listed earlier (or you simply stopping the challenge for another reason), then simply post that you are DNF (did not finish). Do not submit your day total if you end up being DNF.


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