The Amazing Naturalist

Prerequisites – Ambitions Expansion, Master Thief, Music-Symphonic, Military, Business and Science.

“Why do they call it nuclear winter? Because everything is dead. The snow you see is toxic ash.”

Any and all plant life in the region is dead. Nothing grows anymore. Natural and organic food is non-existent. With no plants to hold the soil together, the whole region is plagued with dust storms that block out the sun and whip across the land. Fish, the ones still left, are horridly mutated and weak. The survival of their species is in doubt.

NOTES: The sim attempting to lift this restriction must work gardening and fishing up to level 10 BEFORE they are allowed to garden OR fish, using books, the TV or classes at the Science Center and the Grocery Store. In order to lift this restriction, not only must the sim in question be level 10 in those two skills, they must also have a collection of 5 rare or ultra rare Beetles and/or Butterflies, grow a perfect garden (8 plants), and present the perfect aquarium (13 fish)

If Education is not cleared, you may only take the Fishing class. You cannot skill fishing on the TV without 1 point in the skill, but you can skill gardening up all the way with the books.


    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may grow a garden.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may go fishing
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may harvest any plants or collect any seeds from anywhere in the neighborhood
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may collect bugs or butterflies.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may purchase or use the fish bowl or the large aquarium.
    • Sims may not stock ponds with fish.
    • You may not place any landscaping items (Flowers, bushes, trees)
    • You may not alter the ground color except to paint a darker mark on the corners of your lot so you can see where your boundaries are.
    • You may not buy or place any items from the “plants/trees/rocks/flowers” menu in build mode.
    • You may not place meteorites you have found anywhere on the ground, they may be placed on platforms or in basements or on pedestals, however.
    • You may not buy vases with flowers from the buy tab.
    • The Family house must be on a dirt or desert landscape.
    • Autumn Salad, Fruit Parfait and any other dish that requires vegetables or fruits may not be prepared, ordered at restaurants or bought pre-made.
    • Sims may not prepare, purchase from community lots or eat Sushi, Grilled Salmon, Lobster Thermidor or any other dish containing fish.
    • You may not shop for groceries at the local market.
    • You may not use the recycle bins.
    • Sims may not purchase or use water sprinklers. Family members MAY help the Naturalist sim water the garden, but they may not weed, or harvest.
    • Sims may not use the water tool from the landscaping menu.
    • Houses MUST be built on a foundation/deck and/or be built on pillars, or be built as a basement Ala fall out bunker.
    • Any sim MAY bring home seeds,fruits,vegetables, insect or mineral collectibles that they find in chests during adventures in China, France and Egypt
      • As soon as the sim returns home, they must put these collectibles into a chest that they are also allowed to purchase on adventure trips.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to clear Naturalist, sims MAY NOT harvest fruits and vegetables or pick up any collectibles off the ground
    • Children and Teen sims may not may not play in or own tree houses (also restricted by Day Care)
    • Sims may not use the slip n slide (also restricted by Day Care)
    • You may not choose to give flowers to your romantic interest
    • Sims may not play in the sand or in sand boxes
  • PETS
    • Since Pets adds so many natural critters to the game, you will have to include a collection of them for this challenge. Taking care of just a few pets is a full time job, so you do NOT have to hold self employment in gardening or fishing, but you may if you wish. You also do NOT have to get to level 10 in the career should you choose to be self employed. You MUST have a horse, a dog and a cat as pets. As long as education has been cleared, you may train them. Otherwise, they must figure things out on their own . Your sim may start on their collecting early in life if you have determined this is what they are going to be when they grow up. The dog,cat and horse need to be befriended from strays or else descended from strays or wild stock that were befriended by the family in past generations.
    • You will need to collect 20 minerals,20 small pets,20 insects,20 Space Rocks, 20 perfect fish and 8 perfect plants(growing at one time), including the listed specimens. Gems must be cut and metals must be smelted. There are ample small animals included in Pets to make up your 20. There are 34 total space rocks to collect. There 20 gems + metals, exactly 20 insects, 14 non quest plants and 21 fish in the base game.
      • Metals –> Smelted Plutonium
      • Gemstones –> Heart Cut Pink Diamond
      • Rocks –> Unusual Dukedite, Unusual Llamatite,Unusual Mazzadrayte and Unusual Sporecite
      • Beetles –> Trilobite Beetle and Rainbow Beetle
      • Butterflies –> Zebra Butterfly and Rainbow Butterfly
      • Lizards –> Chameleon and Ancient Dragon
      • Turtles –> Pygmy Tortoise and Spiny Turtle
      • Snakes –> Scarlet King Snake and Iridescent Shieldtail Snake
      • Rodents –> Pygmy Hedgehog and Chinchilla
      • Birds –> Falcon, Spotted Sixam, Bluebird and Lilac Breasted Roller
      • Fish –> Tragic Clownfish, Vampire Fish, Robot Fish and Death Fish.
      • Plants –> Death Plant, Life Plant, Flame Fruit Plant, and Money Tree
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may collect small pets, or train a cat to collect small pets or insects for them
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may train their dog to hunt.
    • Your sim’s family members ARE allowed to feed the pets and help take care of them – it becomes a huge job to feed and care for the animals after a while.
    • You may train the dog and the cat to hunt for you to help you with the collection of pets and minerals as long as education has been cleared.
      • If Da Vinci has NOT been cleared, you may buy the pet toy crate and take ONE cat toy from it. Then you MUST sell the crate. You may have no other pet toys.Only the sim lifting the restriction may order a pet to go hunt.
      • Pets may autonomously decide to hunt.
    • Fish will need to be placed into an aquarium immediately if you choose to keep them, since you don’t store pets in chests or refrigerators, and you may not keep them in your inventory.
    • The collected animals, insects, birds and fish must be in their appropriate containers kept on the lot.
    • You may not hold animals in your inventory for very long so as soon as you get them home, they must go in their respective containers.
    • You MAY get the larger aquarium for your fish collection if you choose, regardless of other restrictions still in place. You will need ample room for all these things.
    • The insects, metals and gems can be placed into display cases or placed on a table.
    • You may sell any insects, fish, animals, minerals and harvested fruits and vegetables that you are not keeping in collection.
    • The Pea Shooter may not be purchased or used
    • The gardening pots MAY be used if desired
    • All gardens must either be closed in by a fence with a gate locked to household only OR they must be grown in a court yard surrounded by the rest of the house.
      • this is to keep the zombies out of your vegetables.
    • Fairie Sims are further restricted thus
      • Fairies must grow one plant to perfection before they are allowed to add another plant to their garden. So if they start with a tomato, they must have a perfect tomato plant BEFORE they are allowed to grow a pepper plant.
      • Fairies must grow EVERY plant available to them in game (base game + all installed expansions)
        • If travel restrictions are NOT lifted yet, then plants and seeds found in China, Egypt and France do not have to be grown
    • Gardens MUST be housed indoors either in an enclosed courtyard with a roof OR in a separate green house.
    • Sims may not swim in the ocean.
    • Sims may not purchase the Super Green Thumb lifetime reward.

Once a brilliant naturalist emerges from the family, they invent a serum that lets plants use toxic ash as fertilizer without making the plant itself toxic. With this serum in wide supply, the region begins to return to life. Food can actually be grown again and people can have lawns. With plants once again anchoring the soil, the raging dust storms cease and the sky can once again be seen. You have been able to bring many animal species back from the brink of extinction as well. Hardy as they are, these little critters have you to thank for a newly restored food chain. The brains at the Science Facility now call you Mr. or Ms. Charles Darsim. All natural science restrictions are lifted.


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