The Base Rules

The following is a set of harsh restrictions the family must obey. Each set of restrictions is tied to a specific career field. When a sim reaches level 10 in that career field, that restriction is lifted. A single sim may only lift one restriction in their lifetime.

  • To lift all 27 of the Base Game restrictions, it will take 25 different Sims.
    • The Hopelessness and Alien Technology restrictions don’t count toward the 1-restriction-per-sim limit
    • Generations, Showtime, and Supernatural add 3 more categories for a total of 30 restrictions requiring 2827 sims
      • I will not be completing the Showtime category due to game play issues with the gigs.
  • Only Sims part of the bloodline and the spouses to heirs who have ushered in the next generation (the heir to the previous heir is born) can unlock restrictions.
    • Adopted Sims, spouses to non-heirs, simbots, mummies and zombies cannot lift restrictions, therefore they cannot be moved into the family through ANY means, including purchasing the lifetime reward My Best Friend.
    • If you DO have Supernatural, you may marry Occults into the legacy, including ghosts, vampires, fairies, genies, witches and werewolves..
  • The founder starts as a young-adult who has wandered and found themselves in this neighborhood.
  • On day one of the challenge, set your aging accordingly –
    • Baby 2 days
    • Toddler 3 days
    • Child 7 days
    • Teen 14 days
    • Young Adult 25 days
    • Adult 25 days
    • Elder 14 days
  • You may have a floating 10 days aging off to be used at your discretion at any time during the challenge.  You must keep track of these floating free days, because once you have used them up, that’s it.
  • When your founder starts in the challenge neighborhood, move them into the largest, most expensive empty lot in that world.
    • If you can, go into Edit in Neighborhood and place a 64 x 64 lot as your starting lot.
  • The founder must take the first job in the paper on the day they move into the lot.
    • They may not quit this job if they see another job they prefer on subsequent days except as noted in certain categories.
    • They have to keep this job till they reach level 10 in it or they are fired, they are late to work and must quit or they have to quit because they reach elder and their athletic is not at skill level 10.
  • If your family has broken any rule or restriction due to a rule change from future expansion packs, you do not fail the challenge.
  • Objects that were allowed that are no longer allowed due to a rule change may be sold via buy mode without penalty.
  • If an object has no value, (such as newspapers, certain books, old homework or dirty dishes), you may delete it, regardless of existing restrictions.
  • There must be no trees, flowers, shrubs rocks or decoration of any kind on the lot when you place it.
  • You may use the “level lot” tool before moving into your blank lot. There may be pre-built lots available on the exchange later on that comply with the starting rules of the challenge.
  • No sim in the household may sleep outdoors or on the ground, at any time.
  • All restrictions still in effect apply to sims on international adventures according to what has already been cleared.  You CAN eat adventure rations as soon as you find them, however. You MAY also use shower in a can without any restrictions since it isn’t dependent on city water supply, but you may not have more than 3 items in your inventory at any one time.
  • Only Resident Townies and Townie NPCs may join the family. You may not move in or marry any service NPC. Location Merchants MAY be befriended and moved in, however, as they are taken from resident townies who are currently unemployed.
  • If a townie you marry and move in has already reached the top of a career that has not previously been cleared at the time you move them in, that restriction is automatically lifted upon the birth of the next heir.
  • Spouses married in who have things in their inventory that are currently restricted must remove those items and place them into the family inventory “black hole”
    • Exception is if a spouse has a vehicle. If you have a parking space on your lot, or can place one within existing restrictions, you may place and use that car.
    • If Criminal has not been lifted, you MUST be able to replace that exact vehicle or you will loose it to the mob. If you are using an alternate Mob Payoff method, if you come up short in your protection money, then you must use the sell and replace for the household, and the car has to go on the chopping block.
  • The ONLY Sims that may be moved into the Legacy family are Sims that will DIRECTLY contribute to the birth of the next heir.
  • Once sims put something in their family inventory, it stays there forever and may not ever be used again with the exception of items that automatically get placed there, like certain opportunity items (the shower or TV or stereo you have to fix), Career rewards, the Nectary or the Martial Arts items or the Time Machine when you first get them through normal game mechanics.
  • If your sim gets a work or school opportunity pop up, they may not accept it unless its governing restrictions have been lifted OR it is an assignment to read a book, edit an article, or learn a recipe for their boss or do something that is not restricted by existing rules and un-lifted restrictions.
  • If a career has components that ask or require your sim to go out and amongst the neighborhood, you may not fulfill those requirements until Military has been lifted UNLESS you can fulfill that oportunity within eyeshot of your house.
  • Cheats, mods or hacked objects that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who didn’t have or use them may not be used. Of course, for every rule, there are exceptions …
    • If you have stuck sims, you may use the “resetsim” cheat to unstick them.
    • You may alternately employ Twallen’s Overwatch and Master Controller mods or Pescado’s Awesome Mod to utilize the automated features of getting rid of the excess cars, unsticking stuck townies, evicting homeless and thus stuck sims from your neighborhood, and doing other background functions to improve the performance of your neighborhood. You may also use the story progression aspect of their individual mods to ensure a reasonable story progression for your neighborhood if you do not like EA’s story progression.
  • To win the challenge, you must lift all 28 restrictions
    • Alien Technology is not required to win the challenge.
    • The Hopelessness restriction is lifted as soon as your founder reaches level 10 in his or her chosen career.
    • If you have Generations, Showtime, or Supernatural, you must clear those added restrictions as well.


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