The Crazy Eights Collector’s Challenge

The Crazy Eights Collector’s Challenge


How quickly can you complete 8 very different types of collections? You have unlimited time to finish the collections, so to do well, you’ll need to work efficiently.


First Things First

  • Stating your intent to participate is mandatory. You will then be added to the leaderboard.
  • This challenge requires World Adventures.
  • Practicing ahead of time is fine. But, once you create characters for the real deal, that’s it—you are allowed a single attempt for score.
  • You must be patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • No cheats or modifications allowed.
  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is cheating.
  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim (game length does not matter) in a brand new Sunset Valley or Riverview neighborhood. The Edit Town screen is off limits.
  • Aging must be turned off.
  • Freewill must be on High.
  • No other Sims can be added to your Household.

The Collections

Bookworm Collection—The following 8 books must be purchased and read in their entirety: Zombies? Zombies!, 1198 pages, Exit at Powell, 676 pages, I’m Still Cool, 653 pages, The Noble History of Socks, 601 pages, Sim Fu: Jumping Kicks, 676 pages (China), Thread Count, 1198 pages (Egypt), The Sand Mirage, 601 pages (Egypt), The Legend of Queen Nosylla and King Nahy, 653 pages (Egypt). The entire collection must be on your lot (i.e. in a bookshelf).

Snob Collection—Purchase the following 8 items: Full Ownership of the Science Center (with or without the Deed), Puck’s Soliloquy (Decor > Wall Decoration), The Plaza Gusher (Decor > Misc Decor), F-Class Hunter-Killer (Decor > Sculptures), Margaret Vaguester (Cars), WallVuu Standard TV (Electronics > TVs), SimLife Goggles (Electronics > Misc Electronics), Sleep-Slave Double Bed (Comfort > Beds). The entire collection must be on your lot.

Wine and Dine Collection—Hit the Romantic Interest relationship level with 8 different Sims. You must also take each Sim on a date to the Bistro or Diner and have a meal together.

Adventures Collection—Complete 8 different Adventures while on your vacations. Location does not matter. Write down the official names on some paper to keep organized.

Butterfly Collection—Collect these 8 butterflies: Glowy (France), Cleopatra (Egypt), Yellow Band Dart (China), Rainbow (Local), Silver Spotted Skipper (Local), Two-Tailed Pasha (France), Zebra (Local), Royal Purple (Local). The entire collection must be displayed on your lot.

Beetle Collection—Collect these 8 beetles: Red Assassin (China), Scarab (Egypt), Cerambyx (France), Trilobite (Local), Spotted (Local), Stag (Local), Rhinocerus (Local), Light (Local). The entire collection must be displayed on your lot.

Skull Gems Collection—This requires the use of the XL Carter Display. The best way to guarantee a skull cut from the display is to use one each of the 8 different cuts available (emerald, oval, pear, plumbob, marquis, crystal ball, brilliant, and heart). Collect these 8 skull cut gems: Soulpeace (display), Pink Diamond (Local), Rainbow (Local), Opal (France), Luminorious (Local), Diamond (Local), Jade (China), Turquoise (Egypt). The entire collection must be displayed on your lot.

Large Ingot Collection—This requires the use of the XL Carter Display. Place 8 regular ingots of the same metal on the display to create one large ingot of that same metal. Collect large ingots for these 8 metals: Compendium (Display), Supernovium (Display), Plutonium (Local), Mummitomium (Egypt), Titanium (France), Palladium (Local), Mercury (China), Platinum (China). The entire collection must be displayed on your lot.

Note: Many of the collectibles that are found locally (Sunset Valley or Riverview) may also be found in the foreign countries. However, anything denoted by a specific country is only available in that location.

• Carl’s Collecting Guide will obviously be a big help to anyone in this challenge, so read up on that piece.
• The collections do not need to be completed in any certain order. It boils down to how quickly you can finish all 8 collections (this is why aging needs to be turned off—to make certain you do not run out of time).

Additional Restrictions and Info

  • The Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • Ambitions users — Nothing from the Ambitions expansion that would give you an unfair advantage can be used.
  • The Painting and Guitar exploits are banned. Full compositions must be performed and full duration must take place for all paintings.
  • As always, discussing strategy on how to achieve certain goals in this thread is not allowed. If you’re unsure — don’t say anything.
  • This challenge has no specified end time. You finish only upon completing all 8 collections.


Home Town Time —This is the total number of days you spent in your hometown to complete the challenge. You’ll find the game clock in the white rectangle directly below a Sim’s LTW box. Write down the number of Weeks and days, but do not note the hours. So, even if you finish at Week 10, Day 3, 12:00AM you still need to post your result as Week 10, Day 3.

Vacation Time — Dedicate one sheet of paper at the beginning of the challenge to all of your vacations. Have 2 columns on the sheet—Vacation # and Days. This will keep you organized for a grand total of vacation time at the end. Again, hours do not matter.

Total Time — I’ll take care of the total time for the table.

This Event is Closed

Challenge Begins: May 28
Challenge Ends: August 8


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