The da Vinci’s All You Can Make Buffet

The da Vinci’s All You Can Make Buffet

Your hosts, Tom and Kathy da Vinci — ready to craft and cook their way to a fortune.


Try and top the da Vincis as they cook, paint, invent and sculpt their way to Renaissance-sized Household Funds.


First Things First

  • Stating your intent to participate is mandatory. You will then be added to the leaderboard.
  • The Ambitions expansion is required for this event.
  • Practicing ahead of time is fine. But, once you create characters for the real deal, that’s it—you are allowed a single attempt for score.
  • You must be patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • No cheats or modifications allowed.
  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is cheating.

Your Sim

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims (game length = Long) in a brand new Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Twinbrook neighborhood. You can only play/remodel stock neighborhood houses or build one yourself from scratch. The Edit Town screen is off limits.
  • The single exception to entering Edit Town is Twinbrook players can add the Book Corral to the town library.
  • Aging must be left on and Freewill must be on High.
  • No other Sims can be added to your Household*.
  • *While your “da Vinci” Sim is Inventing he/she is free to make a SimBot as part of the Career Opportunity chain, but would be required to release them into the neighborhood.
  • Your Cooking Sim does not have skill restrictions and may pursue other skills than simply cooking. Just remember that he/she can only add to Household Funds via Cooking.

Skill and Income Restrictions

  • A big restriction to this event is where your Household Funds comes from…all revenue must come from cooking, painting, inventing or sculpting.
  • One Sim must be designated as your “da Vinci” and all of their revenue contributions is limited to painting, sculpting and inventing. Your other Sim is only allowed to bring in money via Cooking (Culinary career is fine too). He/she is not allowed to paint, sculpt or invent.
  • Your da Vinci Sim is restricted to how long they can actively pursue one of their 3 income producing skills — 4 game weeks for each skill. No more. No less (no doubling up and raising two skills at once). So, as soon as the game clock reads Week 5, your da Vinci switches skills and does not return to the previous skill. Ditto for when the game clock reads Week 9 — your da Vinci tackles the last of the 3 skills, not to turn back to the other two.
  • Clarification: It’s Week 4, Day 7, 11: 59 PM. You’re done with painting and have to put down the brush. But, you’ve finished 2 more paintings after the consignment store closed. Don’t worry — you can still sell those paintings and any other “da Vinci” skill items at any time.
  • Your Cooking Sims does not have skill restrictions and may pursue other skills than simply cooking. Just remember that he/she can only add to Household Funds via Cooking.
  • Most anything related to these 4 skills qualifies as being eligible for a income source with the exception of using inventions to make money (like the Time Machine or Miner). That’s NOT allowed. But, sales of these items is fine. Skill or Career Opportunities are also fine. And selling any item made from your skills to the consignment store is also fine.
  • The Consignment Store has its share of bugs unfortunately, but I don’t want to ban it. If sales dry up for you, then the best thing to do is to cancel all consignments, save and exit your game, go back and consign everything again.

Additional Restrictions and Info

  • The Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • Vacations are banned.
  • Birthday Cakes are banned.
  • Doing anything to facilitate a death is banned.
  • As always, discussing strategy on how to achieve certain goals in this thread is not allowed. If you’re unsure — don’t say anything.
  • This challenge ends after 12 weeks (Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Household Funds — When the game clock reads Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM (the game clock is in the white box underneath the LTW), you stop your game and note total Household Funds in the bottom left of the game screen — this is not net worth. It’s only Household Funds.

Post your result in this thread and I’ll update the table.

This Event is Closed

Challenge Begins: July 30
Challenge Ends: October 10


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