The Happiest Centenarian on the Block

The Happiest Centenarian on the Block (posted by Da Vinci)

This challenge revolves around providing the happiest lifetime for your Sim. We all know that it is fun to play for the Sim, but how much fun are they having? It is time to find out !!
You can only have one Sim and no others may move in at any time. The Sim can date others, but no living together (no utility sim).
No cheats whatsoever.
Set time to long.
The Challenge ends after 100 days. (14 weeks, 2 days. at 8:00 a.m.)
You may not purchase the “moodlet manager” (it violates the ‘spirit’ of the challenge) or the teleportation pad. You may however still “Zeneport”.
You may not make a “machine” eg: wake up, shower, eat, paint, bathroom, sleep, repeat. To ensure this rule is followed, you must do 3 things. 1) This is purely your subjective opinion, were your days at least a bit different? 2) You must have gotten to level 10 with one skill and level 6 with another (in order to ensure that your Sim has had an interesting life). 3) 2 friends or 1 best friend (in order to ensure your Sim has had a social life, they must be at the required level when the challenge ends.)
Finally, whenever you go on vacation, since time stops, you must count the days you are gone and add those to your day count. EG: 3 days on vacation, you would only have 97 days in Sunset Valley.

The goal is to earn the highest number of lifetime happiness points possible. You may still count points that you may have used to purchase something.

Total number of lifetime happiness points earned = score

Happy simming!


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