The “Honey Do” List Grand Finale

The “Honey Do” List Grand Finale – ended July 31, 2014

I cannot believe that the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a fun journey everyone, and so we offer up our final Sims 3 Tournament challenge. This challenge is the idea of Blackrosea’s daughter who thought it would be fun if players had to accomplish different kinds of things in the game—a list of sorts. When I heard the idea I thought — well, let’s turn it into a “Honey Do” list. Each Sim has their own “honey do” list, plus there’s a Family List as well. It all boils down to a race to see who can finish the three lists the fastest. Good luck, everyone!

General Challenge Rules
The General Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Human Young Adult Sims.
  • No changing life states.
  • No household additions except natural children.
  • No Vacation/University/Future travel
  • This challenge concludes when your two Sims have finished the three lists:

Sim A —
Complete a wish worth at least 5,000 happiness points
Max a rabbit-hole career (part-time jobs do not qualify)
Complete a skill opportunity
Complete a career opportunity
Complete a Special opportunity (community event)
Buy a reward costing at least 40,000 happiness points
Get a spa package worth $7500
Become an enemy to another Sim
Make three unique upgrades (handiness)
Find one of each type of seed (common, uncommon, rare, and special)

Sim B —

Get a negative moodlet worth at least -40 mood
Write a best seller book worth $100 simoleans in royalties/week
Have 10 friends and 5 Best Friends
Catch a perfect fish
Paint a Masterpiece
Discover a star (via telescope)
Find a gem and metal worth 250 simoleans each
Grow one perfect plant (Sim B need to do the whole process and not receive a perfect plant from Sim A)
Make a perfect meal
Work out for 6 straight hours

Family List —
Both Sims must max a unique skill
Go on a date (dinner and a movie)
Woo hoo in 5 different places
Get married
Have a baby via natural birth
All children in the home need to get on the Honor Roll and stay on the Honor Roll when they are a Child and when they are a Teen
All children in the home need to achieve lvl 5 in a skill
At the end of the challenge own one Business and one Property
Move into a home worth at least 75,000 simoleans
At the end of the challenge have a net worth of at least 250k and at least 100k in household funds


Finish Time — When your two Sims have finished all the items on the three different lists, then you are done. Pause your game and note the game clock. Post all the information on your time: i.e. Week 3, Day 5, 11:35 AM.



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