The MAX Skills Marathon

The MAX Skills Marathon


GOAL: It’s the ultimate long distance race to see who can max all 10 Skills and finish all Skill Challenges as quickly as possible.


  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim. No other Sims can be played.
  • Lifespan set to Long.
  • No cheats or modifications.
  • Use of the Moodlet Manager and Mid-Life Crisis is banned.
  • No Careers (don’t start them and Quit just for Happiness points) or business investments. All income must be from Skills, Skill Opportunities, or Special Opportunities.
  • Move your Sim into an existing house or build one yourself. Move as often as you want.
  • The Challenge ends when you have maxed all 10 skills and completed all Skill Challenges in each Skill Journal. NOTE: It is widely accepted that the Guitar Star Challenge is bugged and nearly impossible to accomplish without using a cheat. So, it is recommended you just ignore Guitar Star.

SCORING: Fewest number of days to finish wins.

Good luck to everyone!


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