The Perfectly Happy Challenge


GOAL: Perfect recipes. Perfect plants. And Perfect fish. How many different Perfect varieties can you obtain in 100 days while striving for the ultimate in Happiness points acquired?


  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim with Lifespan set to Long. No other Sims can be played.
  • Move your Sim into a new Sunset Valley or Riverview town.
  • You are not allowed to enter the Edit Town screen to switch Active Households during the tournament.
  • No cheats or modifications.
  • Use of the Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • You are allowed a single 3-day trip to each World Adventures location. No more.
  • The Challenge ends after your Sim’s 100th day (Week 15, Day 2).
  • You are allowed ONE attempt at this Challenge.
  • Discussing Strategy and Explicit Info. Revealing very detailed information about how best to achieve a certain goal is forbidden. Ignoring this rule hurts everyone involved, and gives distinct advantages to late-starting players. Here is an example:

General “playing for tips” advice that is fine: “A great place to play for tips is in front of the Theatre on the weekends. Not many Sims are working, so there are plenty of Sims available. Don’t forget to bring a piece of fruit to ward off hunger late in the day.”

“Playing for Tips” advice that’s way too much information: “Click on your Sim’s guitar for the Perform cue and cue up 8 songs. But, as soon as the first note begins, cancel the cue. The more songs you “perform” the larger the tips your Sim will earn.

The 2nd bit of info is obviously walking someone through the steps of an advanced exploit and has no place in a challenge thread. But this information is still solid and there’s no reason why players should be hidden from it. So, it simply belongs elsewhere on the forum, or Carl can put it somewhere on the Guide.

If you’re not sure if something you want to say in this event thread would be divulging too much information — don’t say anything.


PERFECT — Receive 4,000 points for each different Perfect recipe, Perfect plant and Perfect fish obtained in the game. The key word is different. You do not receive points for making a Perfect recipe a 2nd time, or catching two of a given Perfect fish. It’s a one-time reward for each variety in the game.

Special Note: As long as you’ve completed the restaurant chain of opportunities and you have an Omni plant that has produced fruit, you’re allowed to give yourself 4k points, no matter what quality the parent plant.

LHPA — Lifetime Happiness Points Acquired. Open your Lifetime Happiness Points tab and hover your cursor over the treasure box for total Lifetime Happiness Points acquired.

Add your Perfect points and LTHA points together for the total.

This Event is Now Closed


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