The Random Wishmaster’s Quartet

The Random Wishmaster’s Quartet



Acquire as many Happiness Points as possible from 4 completely random Sims that the game throws at you.


First Things First

  • Stating your intent to participate is mandatory. You will then be added to the leaderboard.
  • Any and all expansion content is acceptable, including anything from the new Ambitions expansion.
  • Practicing ahead of time is fine. But, once you create characters for the real deal, that’s it—you are allowed a single attempt for score.
  • You must be patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • No cheats or modifications allowed.
  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is cheating.

Creating Your Random Sims

  • Create 4 Young Adult Sims (game length = Long) in a brand new Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Twinbrook neighborhood. The Edit Town screen is off limits with one exception — you can add a skill book to Twinbrook’s library as noted in this thread.
  • Aging must be left on and Freewill must be on High.
  • No other Sims can be added to your Household, including Simbots. Inventors are allowed to create Simbots and immediately release into the community.
  • Give your Sims their names and immediately proceed to the Personality button without touching any other buttons.
  • Click the dice in the top right of the Personality panel. Traits cannot be changed. You must make a selection from one of the 5 LTW that the game offers and it must be different from your other Sims’ LTW. No rerolls.
  • Leave Favorites/Voice alone.
  • You may establish any type of relationship between your Sims while setting up the game.

Additional Restrictions and Info

  • The Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • Mid-Life Crisis and Change Lifetime Wish rewards are banned.
  • My Best Friend reward (Simbot) is banned.
  • As always, discussing strategy on how to achieve certain goals in this thread is not allowed. If you’re unsure — don’t say anything.
  • This challenge ends after 100 town days (Week 15, Day 2, 11:59 PM) and 100 total vacation days. How you want to distribute your vacation time amongst your Sims is completely up to you — if you want each Sim to take 25 vacation days, that’s fine. Or having only one Sim take all 100 days is okay too, but 100 is the maximum. So, remember, if you take more than one Sim on a vacation to count all days for all Sims.


Sim #1 – Sim #4 — Mouse over the the treasure chest in the Lifetime Happiness Panel to get the Total Lifetime Happiness Acquired amount for each of your 4 Sims when game clock reads Week 15, Day 2, 11:59 PM. You’ll find the game clock in the white rectangle directly below a Sim’s LTW box. Write down the total for each Sim and add together for your grand total.

This Event is Now Closed

Challenge Begins: June 18
Challenge Ends: August 29


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