The Royal Flush: Sunset Valley’s Handyman Championships

The Royal Flush: Sunset Valley’s Handyman Championships – ended January 15, 2014

Sunset Valley is falling apart and to set things right the mayor has decided to host a contest to see which local handyman company can upgrade as much of the town in two weeks as possible. As owner of one of the local handyman companies, you are in the running — the mayor is going to pay all companies $1000 simoleans for every upgrade they do, and he’ll also award $3000 simoleans for every different type of upgrade performed. The company awarded the most money after two weeks wins the contest.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim (no pets).
  • You may not add to the household.
  • Edit Town is completely off limits for this event.
  • You must play in Sunset Valley.
  • Upgrades on autoplaced lots are fine, but no buying real estate (homes, buildings, or property).
  • You may not buy more than one type of any upgradeable object via any means…Buy Mode or some other way — i.e. you cannot buy two stoves.
  • You may only upgrade any particular object once.
  • No Genie Lifestate or Genie Lamp.
  • You can never leave Sunset Valley: no vacation, University, or future travel.
  • No Drinking or Throwing Elixirs.
  • This challenge ends at Week 2, Day 7, 11:59 PM.

Objects Upgraded. Open up your Sim’s Handiness Skill Journal and take a look at the first section called Statistics. Note the Objects Upgraded stat. The mayor is paying your company $1000 simoleans per object upgraded. If by chance you upgrade an item and it does not add to the Objects Upgraded stat then you still only can count what the Journal lists.

Unique Upgrades Completed. Right below the Objects Upgraded statistic is the Unique Upgrades Completed stat. Award your company $3000 simoleans per Unique Upgrades Completed. If by chance you upgrade an item and the Unique Upgrade does not register then you still only count what the Journal lists.

Example: You get to Week 2, Day 7, 11:59 PM and you pause your game. The Statistics section of your Handiness Skill Journal has Objects Upgraded: 56, and Unique Upgrades Completed: 21.

56 X 1000 = 56,000

21 X 3000 = 63,000

Total = 56,000 + 63,000 = 119,000


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