The Sunset Valley/Riverview Team Upgrade Race

The Sunset Valley/Riverview Team Upgrade Race


Form a team of 3 Sims and perform a single Upgrade on all public facility objects in Sunset Valley and Riverview as quickly as possible.


  • Stating your intent to participate is mandatory. You will be added to the leaderboard. Simply lurking and posting final results is bad sportsmanship and not allowed.
  • You must be patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • Create 3 Young Adult Sims (Long Lifespan) for your team. No other Sim can be played and you cannot switch Active Households in the Edit Town screen.
  • Move your Sims into an existing house or build one yourself to start. You are allowed to move at any time.
  • Begin your new game in Sunset Valley or Riverview — does not matter. When you are completely finished upgrading objects in one town, note the Week/Day, and hour (do not worry about minutes) and move to the other neighborhood as outlined here.
  • Tinkering is banned.
  • You are allowed a single kaching cheat with the completion of each upgraded object (1000 simoleans), including objects upgraded on vacation. Again, it’s just one Upgrade per object. No other cheats or modifications allowed.
  • The kaching cheat from Upgrades must be your team’s only source of income.
  • You are allowed ONE vacation. Go whenever you want. Go wherever you want. Take as many Sims as you want. Length is not restricted. IMPORTANT: If you choose Egypt as your destination, then talking to Sekhmet Hawas is at your own risk. This local Sim has been shown to magically impregnante female Sims.
  • Use of the Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • The Challenge ends when all objects in all public facilities in both Sunset Valley and Riverview have received a single Upgrade.
  • Do not enter Sims’ homes to upgrade any object.
  • You are allowed ONE attempt at this Challenge.
  • Discussing Strategy and Explicit Info. Revealing very detailed information about how best to achieve a certain goal is forbidden. Ignoring this rule hurts everyone involved, and gives distinct advantages to late-starting players. Here is an example:

General “playing for tips” advice that is fine: “A great place to play for tips is in front of the Theatre on the weekends. Not many Sims are working, so there are plenty of Sims available. Don’t forget to bring a piece of fruit to ward off hunger late in the day.”

“Playing for Tips” advice that’s way too much information: “Click on your Sim’s guitar for the Perform cue and cue up 8 songs. But, as soon as the first note begins, cancel the cue. The more songs you “perform” the larger the tips your Sim will earn.

The 2nd bit of info is obviously walking someone through the steps of an advanced exploit and has no place in a challenge thread. But this information is still solid and there’s no reason why players should be hidden from it. So, it simply belongs elsewhere on the forum, or Carl can put it somewhere on the Guide.

If you’re not sure if something you want to say in this event thread would be divulging too much information — don’t say anything.

For Your Reference —

Sunset Valley Upgrades:

      Central Park (4 objects)


      Le Petit Shark Pool Center (14 objects)


      Papyrus Memorial Library (14 objects)


      Sunset Institute of Modern Art (4 objects)


      28 Hour Wellness Gym (15 objects). NOTE: There are 16 objects, but the TV cannot be Upgraded.

Riverview Upgrades:

      Azalea Acres Community Garden (4 objects)


      Dogwood Playland (8 objects)


      Lost Willow Park (3 objects)


      Octagon House: Historical Museum and Art Gallery (6 objects)


      River Front Swim Club (10 objects)


      Riverview Fish Hatchery (6 objects)


      Riverview Gymnasium (14 objects)


      The Gazebo (1 object)


      The Water Hole Juice Bar (4 objects)


      Wright Reading Room (11 objects)


Sunset Valley — As soon as the last object in Sunset Valley is upgraded and you hear the musical notes, pause the game and note the total number of weeks, days and the hour (PM or AM) you finished. You’ll find the game clock in the white rectangle directly below a Sim’s LTW box. If you’re more comfortable expressing hours in a 24-hour format, that’s fine. DO NOT worry about minutes.

Riverview — As soon as the last object in Riverview is upgraded and you hear the musical notes, pause the game, and note the total number of weeks, days and the hour (PM or AM) you finished. If you’re more comfortable expressing hours in a 24-hour format, that’s fine. DO NOT worry about minutes.

Post your final results in this thread. For example, say: “I finished Sunset Valley on Week 3, Day 5, 1PM (13:00 for 24-hour format). I finished Riverview on Week 6, Day 3, 3PM” (15:00 for 24-hour format).

I’ll take care of the rest for the total.

Challenge Begins: February 12
Challenge Ends: April 25

Good luck to everyone!

This Event is Now Closed


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