TS3 4×4 Dynasty Rules

The Sims 3 4X4 Dynasty

Goal: A 4×4 Dynasty? Founders and heirs hop into an off-road vehicle and drive down mountains? Not quite. We’re talking about playing in 4 separate worlds with each world having 4 generations. And you Dynasty pros will settle in nicely with the whole “requirements before moving” concept. But here’s the kicker—this Dynasty must be played on Medium lifespan.

Setting up Your File + General Rules

  • Always play with the most current EA patch.
  • CAS option: Create 2 Young Adult Sims and place them in any fresh EA designed neighborhood. The Forum’s Union Cove is also acceptable.
  • Allowed life states: Human, Ghost, Witch, and Mermaid. Future bloodline heirs can be any of the above states as well as Aliens and Imaginary Friends. Plumbots are also allowed to be household members.
  • Townie option: Choose a existing townie household so long as the Townies you designate as your founders do not already have any bloodline children and meet the above life states requirement.
  • Combo option: Create 1 YA Sim with the intent of using an existing Townie to help bring in Heir #1. Again, the existing Townie must not have any bloodline children and must be the correct life state.
  • Game Options: Length—Medium; Aging—On; Story Progression—On; Freewill—High; Lunar Cycle—Player’s Choice; Population Controls—Player’s Choice; Disabling Memories—Player’s Choice; Season Length & Weather—Player’s Choice.
  • Into the Future currently has a bug and will need to be turned off to receive skill opportunities. You can uninstall ITF using Sim Selector 3.0 or the old fashioned way using EA’s uninstaller. You can also elect to play with ITF installed but will not receive many phone calls for opportunities.
  • Edit Town changes must be completed before you go into Live mode for each neighborhood. Additional changes can be made only if given permission due to game glitch or if a new expansion has been released. See FAQ post for extensive coverage of the ins and outs of Edit Town.
  • Once a house (must be unfurnished)/empty lot/houseboat is chosen for your Dynasty, you are not allowed to move in a given neighborhood. After you have chosen your lot, use the family funds cheat to bring your household funds to 4,000 simoleans. This needs to be done in each neighborhood.
  • A household is allowed to travel 4 times total while in each world. This time can be used for vacation, University, and/or Time Travel. Each trip length is player discretion.
  • If any standard EA designed buildings are missing from your town you are free to use Edit Town to place these. You may also have some liberty with Edit Town by juggling empty lots — i.e. changing 2 small empty lots to 1 larger one, or vice versa. If your town library is missing the skill books, you may use Edit Town to place Book Corrals in the library.
  • In general, all cheats are banned. If you have a stuck Sim and need to reset him/her, go ahead and use the cheat. Building cheats and ones used for screenshots are fine, too. Anything that does not give you some kind of advantage is probably going to be okay. If in doubt — ask. Exiting without saving to avoid an unfortunate event is considered cheating.
  • All mods are banned. The single exception would be a mod that allows you to turn off all mods for your Dynasty file. Occasionally a player’s file becomes so corrupt and bloated over time that a mod may be an answer, but do not ever assume you have the green light to use a mod as a fix. The challenge team needs to know the situation before making the final call.
  • The Wishing Well Sims 3 Store Item is banned.
  • Wish Enhancing serum is banned for Founders and Heirs.
  • Buying lottery “lotto” ticket is banned.
  • Midas Touch is banned.
  • You may only kill to create a ghost and this is crucial — it has to be freewill on your Sim’s part that kills him/her. You cannot directly instruct a Sim to do an action resulting in death. Here’s an example: you can set up a situation where there is a puddle of water near a broken electrical appliance, BUT you cannot tell Sims to fix the appliance. They have to do it themselves.
  • Intentionally killing off a Sim via the Door of Life and Death is not allowed for anyone.
  • The Door of Life and Death can be used to reincarnate non-Founders/non-Heirs.
  • SimBots may be obtained from a LTR or an Inventor can make them. SimBots cannot be heirs, but they can stay as spares or household members.
  • Heirs cannot become PlantSims but spares can at anytime and spouses only after the next heir has been born.
  • Mermaids are not allowed to count scuba diving skill challenges.
  • Children that result from alien abduction may become household members or spares, but not heirs. Alien heirs must be born from natural pregnancy.

Adding to the Household
Your founders (CAS or Townies) need to Try for Baby (adoption and Genetic Engineering are not allowed) no later than Week 1, Day 4. Hopefully the result will be heir #1 three days later. Heir #1 then brings in a spouse/partner to produce heir #2 after heir #1‘s requirements are finished. And so on…

All heirs must be the firstborn child of both parents.

Adoption and Genetic Engineering are fine for non heirs.

Heirs are the only ones allowed to invite potential spouses into the household.

Heir #4, #8, and #12 are your “moving heirs.” They cannot have a baby before moving to a new world. They must move to a new neighborhood and need to Try For Baby no later than 4 days after arriving in the new neighborhood.

Items/Sims Heirs #4, #8, and #12 can take to the next world:

  • A spouse or potential spouse. No other Sims may move to the next world. You can also wait to find a spouse for an heir in the next neighborhood.
  • Heirs #4, #8, and #12 and their spouses/potential spouses are allowed to pack up any career rewards that they earned before the move. They cannot bring career rewards from other Sims.
  • The family graveyard.
  • Pets.
  • Any future/vacation homes need to be sold along with their contents before moving to a new world.

Before beginning play in a new neighborhood you are allowed a one time tweaking/customization of options like the weather, Supernaturals, and Celebrities.

Requirements for Adding an Heir

You automatically assign a Sim to be an heir if he/she is the firstborn of the previous generation. Each heir has 4 requirements that must be completed before the birth of the next heir.

1). Have 1 Unique Maxed Job. This can be a rabbit-hole career, a profession, or a self employment career.
2). Have 2 Unique Best Friends. Best Friend status (check the heir’s relationship panel) must be maintained in order to Try for Baby and the next heir. After an heir is born you are allowed to have a Best Friend relationship decay. These Best Friends must be totally unique to a given heir and cannot be Best Friends with anyone else in the household.
3). Complete 3 Unique Skill Challenges. Collecting and Consignment Challenges do qualify.
4). Complete 4 Unique Opportunities. As long as one word in the title of an opportunity is different, then it qualifies as unique. These cannot be opportunities from school or after-school activities.

Requirements for Moving to the Next World

Before the 4th, 8th, and 12th heir are allowed to move to the next world, the household (only founders and heirs can contribute to family goals) must complete the following 4 requirements. Note: Upon arriving in a new town Heirs #4, #8, #12 and their spouses are then considered founders for that town, so those particular spouses may contribute to the moving requirements for the next town.

1). Have 1 Family 4×4 Collection. In each neighborhood your household must accumulate 16 objects. These might be objects from a skill (paintings, sculptures, photos), objects from collecting (rocks, metals, bugs), or things like career rewards or celebrity and wedding gifts. Nearly any type of object qualifies to be in the collection (please check the list below for qualified items and non-qualified items), the stipulations are that the entire collection must have a minimum value of 16,000 simoleans and each collection must be composed of 4 sets of objects with each set being a different type. So, for example you’d have paintings, beetles, butterflies, and photographs as your 4 types of sets in one town. In another town you might have celebrity freebie gifts, inventions, street art, and fish. Note: If you are limited in the different types of sets you can come up with due to fewer expansions, then you have permission to repeat certain types when you move to new neighborhoods. Otherwise, it’s mandatory to make all 16 sets of a unique type.

The Family Collection must be on display at moving time and must remain in the neighborhood and not packed up when it’s moving time.

Collection value must be assessed at the time of moving.

Qualified Item List — Criminal career objects taken home, Career reward objects (culinary career fridge, law enforcement squad car, Fox statue, etc), celebrity freebies in family inventory, wedding presents, love gifts, field trip souvenirs, Stolen Items by a Sim (not rabbit hole steals), afterschool activity trophies, time travel items, paintings, photos, elixirs, potions, sculptures, beetles, butterflies, turtles, lizards, rodents, birds, snakes, fireflies, gems, metals, spacerocks, fish, relics, inventions, nectar, wildflowers, books, spirits, Gnomes, Lifetime Happiness Reward objects (i.e. teleporter, collection helper), skill certificates, plants, moneybags, fancy festival eggs, samples or clones from the science skill, street art, seashells, messages in a bottle, nanites collected or from reversed engineering, star dust, dark matter, upgraded items from handiness skill, cooked dishes from cooking skill, sketches from drafting table, Prism Art Studio items, gifts given by parents to sims in the Daycare career, preserves/jam made by sims via the Canning Station, and any harvestables from Omni Plants.

Non-Qualified Item list — items made from the transfiguration table, items made from witch conversion spell, consignment store purchases, and toys made from toy machine (Midnight Hollow).

2). Own All Properties and Buildings in a given world. Properties must also be upgraded to their highest level. If playing in Isla Paradiso you must also purchase all resorts. If a player chooses to find a hidden island and convert it to a resort, then they are required to fully upgrade the resort to 5 stars. Otherwise, there is no requirement to find/purchase hidden islands.
3). Attain 4 different rewards. These can be from a rabbit-hole career, a self-employment career, or a profession. Qualifying objects would be things like skill certificates directly tied to a career/profession, objects like the Police Cruiser, Director’s Chair, and Uber Fridge from the Culinary Career; and Service Rewards. These 4 career/profession rewards must be unique to the entire Dynasty.
4). Attain 4 Large Tombstones (the Sim that dies needs at least 150,000 Lifetime Happiness points).

Extending Life Anything that lengthens life for heirs is forbidden— eating Life Fruit, Ambrosia, make-overs, tattoos, plastic surgery, mud baths, elixirs, the Hibernation Chamber, drinking soy milk from the Farm Fresh Folk set, and drinking from Leon’s Fountain of Youth (Hidden Springs). Once all requirements are completed, then you are free to use whatever methods you wish to extend an heir’s life. Non-heir household members are not tied to these restrictions except for one. The Genie wish to extend long life cannot be used by either parent until an heir is born.

— You are allowed to change lifestate to extend life (after all requirements are completed), but you must also wait for next generation heir to be born before changing lifestate.

Here is a very helpful spreadsheet to keep you organized: Deklitch’s 4×4 Dynasty Spreadsheet.


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