Cheese and Wine


  • Create a single young adult sim
    • OR Move in/choose a household consisting of only a single young adult sim
  • You cannot add to household until week 2, day 1
  • You cannot travel until week 2, day 1
  • Starting on week 2 day 1 there are no restrictions on adding to the household
  • Starting on week 2 day 1 there are no restrictions on travel
  • Moving is only allowed when the offer comes autonomously
    • OR when combining households through marriage or move-in and you have the option of moving to either house
  • You cannot choose to Move nor can you move through Edit Town
  • You can Kick Out household members
  • Birthdays must happen naturally – No cake
  • No restrictions for moving sims out
  • Only points that can be counted are those they earn before moving out
  • Challenge ends at 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 10thgeneration
    • OR whenever, your choice

Goals (complete as many as possible)

  • “Collect” all NPC and Occults
  • Master all skills
  • Complete all skill challenges
  • Max all careers
  • Complete all lifetime wishes
  • Purchase all businesses and properties


  • 10pt for each NPC married into the family
  • 10pt for each Occult married into the family
  • 10pt for each lifetime wish completed
  • 1pt for each child born or adopted into the family
  • 5pt for every skill mastered
  • 1pt for every skill challenge completed
  • 1pt for every job level achieved
  • 1pt for every medium headstone
  • 5pt for every large headstone
  • 10pt for every 100k on hand
  • 10pt for every 100k of house value
  • 10pt for businesses owned fully and properties at level 3
  • 5pt for businesses partially owned and properties at level 2
  • 1pt for property at level 1
    • Add everything together
    • Divide by number of generations
      • Initial sim is generation 1

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