TS3 Domination Dynasty Rules

The Sims 3 Domination Dynasty

If you’re a Star Trek fan you probably remember the Next Generation series and the introduction of the Borg. The Borg were a huge hit and their “Resistance is Futile” tagline has become a staple of cultural expressions. Longtime Tournament Challenge players may also remember the Attack of the Clones challenge from 2012. So, with those two little nuggets as a backdrop we are offering up the last Sims 3 Dynasty with the whole “alien takeover” thinking in mind—you start with a male and female and the goal is to “assimilate” your entire town—all homes must be filled with a natural child or a clone of one of your founders. In addition, all real estate (homes, businesses and properties has to be purchased and fully upgraded.

Setting up Your File
• Make sure to play under the latest patch.
• Choose from any EA town as well as the forum’s own Union Cove.
• You also need to decide which expansions you will choose to have installed. Using Sim Game Selector 3.0 makes it easy, but you need to remain consistent with the installations throughout the challenge — i.e. if you decide to play without Into the Future at the get-go, then that expansion remains turned off until the end.
• Create one male and one female Young Adult Sim (all life states allowed). Have some fun with their appearance…remember, your founders are from a different world. You are also allowed to create three pets at the start. After you finish creating your Sims (and any pets) you can assign whatever relationships to your Sims you wish except they cannot be siblings because your founders (the king and queen of your hive) will need to bring in natural children eventually.
• All Store content is allowed. As always, you use at your own risk.

Edit Town
Before you choose a place to live for your king and queen (and any pets) click the Options button and select Edit Town.
Mouse over empty residential lots (look for the blue diamond icon). Click the icon to get the lot info pop up to tell you what the size of the lot is. Click on the Show Empty Houses tab in the lower left screen and choose a house (EA designed houses only — from the library bin or from any one of the EA world houses copied to the library bin) you like that will fit on the lot. Keep repeating this process until all empty lots have been filled with a home (the single exception would if you plan on building your own home on your starting lot, then you can leave that lot empty).  Empty commercial lots would need their lot designation changed to residential.
Small parks & undesignated lots would need their lot designation changed to one of these four choices only: Hangout, Beach, Big Park or Cat/Dog Park.  Lot designation list here.
Next, you are allowed to take up to 5 lots in your neighborhood and do whatever you want with them — convert residential to commercial, put in missing lots such as the elixir shop, change 2 small lots to one large lot, whatever it is you want to do. But, 5 lots is the limit.
Once you’re done in Edit Town, click the Return to Game Setup button at the top, then click the Move in Household button and choose the family you just created. Pick any lot you can afford and start your game.
The only other time you are allowed access to Edit Town is for each Young Adult child to kick out a household if necessary in order to move into a home. This is a privilege granted if all requirements for moving out have been met, and you can only kick out a household if all empty homes in the neighborhood have already been filled. Once it is time to move out, Young Adults must use their Smartphone to move to a home.

General Settings: Enable Interactive Loading Screens needs to be unchecked.
Game Options: Click Restore Defaults and set Lifespan to Long. Leave plumbobs at their default position.
Sim and Pet Autonomy needs to be High Freewill.
Seasons and Environmental Options > All player choice, but set these before going live and leave them alone for the duration of the challenge.
Advanced Demographics Options > Enable Story Progression needs to be OFF.
Population Control Settings: All player choice, but set these before going live and leave them alone for the duration of the challenge.

General Rules
• All mods are banned.
• You may start on any lot you can afford (empty lot or premade home). Moving is fine, but you cannot change neighborhoods.
• No household additions except for natural children, clones of the king and queen, and any pets.
• All children that result from abduction pregnancies (aliens) must be returned to their homeworld and cannot become a part of the household.
• Changing Life States is fine.
• No restrictions on vacations/University/Future Travel (however each Sim to do so adds to your total time needed to complete the challenge)

Adding to the Hive
You are only allowed to add to the hive on designated “reproductive days.” On these days your queen adds to the hive via a single natural delivery (adoption and genetic engineering are not allowed). The king and queen are also both allowed to add clones to the hive — you cannot add more clones than the amount of natural offspring in that particular delivery. So, if the queen has twins for one of her deliveries, then the King and Queen would each be allowed to add 1 clone, or one of them could add 2 clones if the other did not add any. If the hive is to have clones added they must only be done on reproductive days after the queen delivers her natural offspring and only clones obtained via LTR are allowed. You will obviously need to have more than one Reproductive Day in order to take over your town, so the king and queen will need to repeat their requirements for Reproductive Day.

Requirements for All Reproductive Days:
IMPORTANT: All requirements below need to be accomplished after the last Reproductive Day in order to qualify to Try For Baby for the next Reproductive Day. No stockpiling of skills, lifetime happiness rewards, etc. The King and Queen can make progress on their next set of requirements after Trying For Baby, but they each can only complete one of each requirement before a RD.
• King and Queen both have to max a job (rabbit holes, professions, and self-employment jobs all qualify. Part-time jobs do not). The king and queen can do the same job(s), but each of them cannot repeat any jobs. Each career of a dual track career (i.e. the Symphonic and Rock Star tracks of the Music career) is considered a unique career.
• King and Queen both have to finish two skill challenges. Collecting and Consignment Store challenges are not eligible to satisfy this requirement, but there can be crossover between the King’s and Queen’s skill challenges.
• King and Queen both have to purchase a unique lifetime happiness reward. This restriction does not carry over to offspring/clones—it’s only between the king and queen.
• King and Queen both have to have a unique Best Friend not on the family tree. Pets and cars are eligible to fulfill this requirement. This restriction does not carry over to offspring/clones—it’s only between the king and queen.
• The King and Queen must assemble one collection of 5 objects. Both King and Queen must each contribute at least one item to the collection, and they must keep these collections for the duration of the game. These items must be a) created, b) found, or c) given to the King and Queen as freebies/perks as part of a career or being a Celebrity. None of the 5 items can be purchased or made on the Display Table. Each Reproductive Day’s collection must be a unique item type. Qualified Item List — Criminal career objects taken home, Career reward objects (culinary career fridge, law enforcement squad car, Fox statue, etc; career rewards must be earned before the Reproduction Day they’re counting towards), celebrity freebies in family inventory, wedding presents, Stolen Items by a Sim (not rabbit hole steals), time travel items, paintings, photos, elixirs, sculptures, beetles, butterflies, turtles, lizards, rodents, birds, snakes, fireflies, gems, metals, spacerocks, fish, relics, inventions, nectar, wildflowers, books, spirits, Gnomes, Lifetime Happiness Reward objects (i.e. teleporter, collection helper), skill certificates, plants, fancy festival eggs, samples from the science skill, street art, seashells, messages in a bottle, Nanites, Love Gifts, Potions (from logic skill), Moneybags (from money tree), Star dust, Dark matter, Upgraded items from handiness skill, Cooked dishes from cooking skill, Sketches from drafting table, Prism Art Studio items, Whiteboard drawings, given by parents to sims in the Daycare career, preserves/jam made by sims via the Canning Station, and any harvestables from Omni Plants.

Taking Over Your Town
It’s the king and queen’s job to bring lots of drones into the hive, but once the drones become Young Adults and finish their five requirements they are eligible to be moved out to assist in the town assimilation.

Drone Requirements for Leaving the Hive:
• Must have a job that no other drone has had as well as receive one promotion in that job. Rabbit-hole careers, professions, and self-employment jobs qualify, but not part-time jobs. In the event that all jobs have already been taken by former drones, you may choose any job that only one drone has had. Jobs must be acquired after drone has become a YA. Here is a complete jobs list for your reference. Thank you, Nutella.
• Must have maxed one skill** (overlap is fine).
**Mermaids would need to max a skill other than scuba diving
**Simbots would need to max a skill other than handiness and inventing
• Must have purchased a business or property (upgrade to the highest level). If you have more buildings and properties in your town than spaces for drones, then your King and Queen may buy the excess. If no businesses or properties are left to be purchased and you still have homes to move into, then your Young Adults are exempt from this requirement.
• The home being moved into must be purchased. Drones must first be moved into any available empty homes. Once all empty homes have been filled each Young Adult moving out may enter Edit Town and kick out a family as long as your drone is Best Friends with some member in that household.

• Every YA moving out needs to have a Masterpiece portrait (painting skill level 7 unlock) of them made (as a Young Adult) and hung up in the Hive’s Honeycomb room.

Danielle Haydis created an awesome spreadsheet to help you stay organized with all the various requirements. Thank you, Danielle.


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