TS4 100 Baby Challenge

The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge updated for Sims 4 by Ashleigh825

Rules of the Challenge

  • Create a Sim to start out with. We’ll call her the matriarch. Your matriarch must be female (hence the title of matriarch) and she must be a young adult. She must be human. She cannot have any other Sims in her household to start out with. She can have any physical appearance you want and any aspiration and combination of traits that you want. The Romantic and Family Oriented traits are recommended but not mandatory for her to have. It’s also recommended that she have a trait that will help her bring in money from one of the hobby skills.
  • You can move your matriarch into any starter lot that she can afford with the $20,000 she starts out with. Later on, as your household grows and your matriarch starts bringing in a larger income from one of her skills, you may move her and her children to another lot as long as she can afford the lot without the use of cheats. Any lot your matriarch moves her household into must already be empty. You cannot merge your matriarch’s household with another household. You may download lots from the Gallery as long as your matriarch can afford the lot.
  • You must play with aging on and set to a normal lifespan.
  • Your matriarch and any heiresses that come after her cannot have a job, ever. Any means of making money that does not involve a career are allowed, so your matriarch may paint, write, perform etc, to bring money into the household but she cannot join the painter, writer, entertainer or any other careers. [See Get To Work Rules section for exceptions]
  • Your matriarch may leave her home lot freely.  [See Get To Work Rules and Outdoor Retreat Rules sections for more information]
  • Your matriarch may not get married while she is of child-bearing age. She may have boyfriends but she cannot become engaged to any of her boyfriends, nor can she move anyone into the house. Once your matriarch is an elder and her youngest daughter has come of age to take over, she may get married but she must move out of the household into her husband’s household. She can’t move her husband into your household.
  • The Fertile aspiration reward is allowed to be purchased; in fact it’s encouraged! The more multiple births you can have, the better.
  • Any rewards or in-game methods of extending a Sim’s lifespan, saving a Sim from death or bringing a Sim back from the dead are not allowed. You may not move ghosts into the household. Any other in-game rewards that you’ve earned by completing aspirations/whims and throwing social events may be used.
  • Any mods or CC that give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed.
  • Any cheats that give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed.
  • Your matriarch may not get pregnant by the same man twice. Once he has impregnated your Sim once, he cannot be used again for more children. One pregnancy per father, not necessarily one child.
  • There are no restrictions on who can father children in this challenge but none of the fathers can move into the household or provide any aid to your household whatsoever apart from impregnating your matriarch once.
  • Listening to Alternative music during pregnancy and eating carrots will influence the baby to be a boy. Listening to Pop music and eating strawberries during pregnancy will influence the baby to be a girl. You matriarch may not use any of these methods to influence the gender of her baby. If she is pregnant, she must avoid strawberries, carrots, Alternative and Pop music in order to avoid influencing the gender of her baby in any way.
  • You cannot cherry pick your children’s traits and aspirations. Use a random trait generator to randomly assign traits and aspirations to the children.
  • Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday.
  • Children can be aged up after they get an A in school.
  • Teenagers can be aged up after they get an A in school. They can also hold part-time jobs to help the financial situation of the household.
  • Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in after.
  • When your matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch.
  • You cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims. For this reason, a child born into the household does not count towards the 100 children count until s/he becomes a young adult. The only exception to this is when the 100th child is born. Any underage children that are alive at the point of the 100th child’s birth are counted and the challenge ends.

Outdoor Retreat Rules
* These rules are for players who have the Outdoor Retreat game pack installed. 

  • Your matriarch can go on vacations to Granite Falls but she must always bring her entire household with her when she does go. She cannot leave any children or teenagers behind. If there is a baby in the household, your matriarch may not go on vacation, nor can she go on vacation if she is pregnant.
  • Your matriarch may take up the Herbalism skill, catch bugs and do any of the new activities offered in Outdoor Retreat. She may sell any collectibles she finds or concoctions she makes with the Herbalism skill.
  • Your matriarch may use Granite Falls as a hunting ground for new fathers for her offspring but the same rules apply. She cannot get pregnant by the same man more than once and she cannot marry or move in anyone.

Get To Work Rules
* These rules are for players who have the Get To Work expansion pack installed. 

  • Your matriarch cannot take any of the new active careers (Scientist, Detective, Doctor).
  • Your matriarch may run her own business.
  • Your matriarch can take up the new Photography skill and sell any photographs she takes.
  • Your matriarch can take up the new Baking skill and sell any sweets she bakes.
  • Your matriarch may go to the hospital to give birth.

Optional Alien Rules
* These rules are for players who have the Get To Work expansion pack installed. 

    Some people like to play with aliens and others don’t, which is why anything involving aliens is optional for this challenge. You can choose to play with the “Alien Incentive” option in a regular 100 Baby Challenge OR you can choose to do an Alien 100 Baby Challenge. You can also choose to do neither option and just ignore this section altogether if you prefer.

Alien Incentive

  • Your matriarch must be human.
  • Each alien or hybrid child born to your matriarch adds 2 to your total child count, so one alien or hybrid child is worth the equivalent of two human children. If a pregnancy with an alien Sim results in twins or triplets, only the children who are actually aliens/hybrids count for two children. If you have triplets with an alien Sim and two of them are aliens/hybrids while one is a human, you would add five to your total child count, not six. The human child counts as only one.



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