TS4 100 Baby Challenge

The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge updated for Sims 4 by Ashleigh825

last updated 11/30/2017


Your objective for this challenge is to give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking rules.

Getting Started

  • Create a Sim to start out with. We’ll call her the matriarch. She must be a young adult human. She cannot have any other Sims in her household to start out with. She can have any physical appearance you want and any aspiration and combination of traits that you want. The Romantic and Family Oriented traits are recommended but not mandatory for her to have. It’s also recommended that she have a trait that will help her bring in money from one of the hobby skills.
  • You can move your matriarch into any starter lot that she can afford with the $20,000 she starts out with. Later on, as your household grows and your matriarch starts bringing in a larger income from one of her skills, you may move her and her children to another lot as long as she can afford the lot without the use of cheats. Any lot your matriarch moves her household into must already be empty. You cannot merge your matriarch’s household with another household. You may download lots from the Gallery as long as your matriarch can afford the lot.
  • Your immediate priority for your matriarch on day one after moving her into her new home is to find a Sim who can get other Sims pregnant (generally, these will be cisgender men since the game spawns heteronormative Sims by default, but getting pregnant with a non-binary Sim is also fine). For the sake of clarity, these Sims will be called donors and referenced with male pronouns in the rules.
  • You will continue the challenge by having as many children as possible and finding new donors to father each child. The optimal and most efficient way to play is to make sure your matriarch is always pregnant. Having a new donor lined up to impregnate her again immediately after giving birth is ideal and will result in the most amount of children per generation.

The Rules of the Challenge (Base Game)

The following set of rules are designed to work with the fully updated base game only. If you don’t own any add-on packs, you can just follow these rules in order to play. If you have add-on packs installed, they will have their own sections after the base rules, so be sure to read the sections for the add-ons you have installed.

Game Options and Third Party Content

  • You must play with aging on and set to a normal lifespan.
  • Any mods or CC that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. 
  • Any cheats that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. 

Aging and Household

  • Any rewards or in-game methods of extending a Sim’s lifespan, saving a Sim from death or bringing a Sim back from the dead are not allowed. You may not move ghosts into the household. Any other in-game rewards that you’ve earned by completing aspirations/whims and throwing social events may be used. You earned them fair and square, there’s no reason why you should not be able to enjoy benefits that you’ve done the work to unlock.
  • Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday (not the one saying it is almost their birthday; it has to actually be their birthday).
  • Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level 3 in all of their toddler skills (including Potty). You are free to keep them in the toddler life stage after that in order to try and achieve level 5 in all skills for the Top-Notch Toddler trait, but it is not required.
  • Children can be aged up after they get an A in school.
  • Teenagers can be aged up after they get an A in school.
  • Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in after.
  • When your matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch. If the new matriarch is not yet a young adult, you must keep your matriarch in the household until she comes of age. Once your next matriarch is a young adult, you may move out the previous matriarch to make more room in the household for the new matriarch to have children.
  • You cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims or letting babies, toddlers or children be taken by social services. For this reason, a child born into the household does not count towards the 100 children count until s/he becomes a young adult. The only exception to this is when the 100th child is born. Any underage children that are alive at the point of the 100th child’s birth are counted and the challenge ends.

Careers and Part-Time Employment

  • Your matriarch and any heiresses that come after her cannot have a job, ever. Any means of making money that does not involve a career are allowed, so your matriarch may paint, write, perform etc, to bring money into the household but she cannot join the painter, writer, entertainer or any other careers.
  • Teenagers may hold part-time jobs to help support the family and bring in extra income.

Travel and Vacations

  • Your matriarch may leave her home lot freely. In previous Sims games, it was against the rules to leave your home lot for anything other than donor-hunting but this has been lifted in this version due to TS4’s common space around lots and hobby skills that require you to leave the lot to make money from tips. If Outdoor Retreat or Get to Work is installed, there are additional exceptions.
  • Your matriarch does not have to bring all her children with her whenever she leaves the lot.

Romance and Donors

  • Your matriarch may not get married while she is of child-bearing age. She may have boyfriends but she cannot become engaged to any of her boyfriends, nor can she move anyone into the house. Once your matriarch is an elder and her youngest daughter has come of age to take over, she may get married but she must move out of the household into her husband’s household. She can’t move her husband into your household.
  • The Fertile aspiration reward (which costs 3,000 satisfaction points) is allowed to be purchased; in fact it’s encouraged! The more multiple births you can have, the better.
  • Your matriarch may not get pregnant by the same donor twice. Once he has impregnated your Sim once, he cannot be used again for more children. Obviously, if the one pregnancy results in twins or triplets, that is fine. One pregnancy per donor, not necessarily one child.
  • There are no restrictions on who can father children in this challenge but none of the donors can move into the household or provide any aid to your household whatsoever apart from impregnating your matriarch once.

Babies, Toddlers, Children, and Teenagers

  • While you can adopt children without penalty, adopted children don’t count towards the 100 children needed to complete the challenge, so it’s not to your benefit to adopt children, especially since they take up precious space in the household.
  • The May 4th 2015 patch introduced the ability to influence the gender of unborn babies. Listening to Alternative music during pregnancy and eating carrots will influence the baby to be a boy. Listening to Pop music and eating strawberries during pregnancy will influence the baby to be a girl. Your matriarch may not use any of these methods to influence the gender of her baby. If she is pregnant, she must avoid strawberries, carrots, Alternative and Pop music in order to avoid influencing the gender of her baby in any way.
  • You cannot cherry pick your children’s traits and aspirations. Use this random trait generator from the website http://createarandomsim.com/ to generate the child’s traits randomly. 

Hired NPCs

  • You may hire a maid to clean the house.
  • You may hire a gardener to help tend any plants on the lot.
  • You may hire a repair technician to fix broken objects in the house.
  • You may hire caterers, mixologists and entertainers but only for parties. You can’t hire a caterer just to get out of feeding your own kids that day.
  • You may not hire a nanny to take care of the children for you. If your matriarch leaves the lot, just let the children automatically be sent to daycare.
  • See add-on pack sections for details about any NPCs that come with those packs.

Expansion Rules

The following rules cover the expansion packs. You can safely disregard any expansion pack sections you don’t have installed.

Get To Work

  • Your matriarch cannot take any of the new active careers (Scientist, Detective, Doctor).
  • Your matriarch may run her own business. There are an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks to this which is why this type of job is an exception to the “no jobs” rule for your matriarch. A business will allow your matriarch to support her large family more easily and while your matriarch is at her business, her children will all look after themselves; however, being away from the children all day gives you less time to bring up the kids’ school grades to move them out faster and it also gives your matriarch less time to find new donors for her offspring and reproduce with them. You must also sink a lot of money into a business in order to make a lot of money. It’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of running a business outweigh the drawbacks in this challenge.
  • Your matriarch can take up the new Photography skill and sell any photographs she takes.
  • Your matriarch can take up the new Baking skill and sell any sweets she bakes.
  • Your matriarch may go to the hospital to give birth.

Get Together

  • Your matriarch may live in Windenburg.
  • Your matriarch may DJ to make money.
  • Your matriarch may have the Dance Machine and Insider traits. She may also have the Leader of the Pack aspiration.
  • Your matriarch may join and create clubs as long as the club rules don’t violate any other challenge rules.

City Living

  • Your matriarch may live in an apartment building in San Myshuno. This has pros and cons. Moving into a cheap 2 bedroom apartment in the Spice District will save your matriarch some cash starting out and the playground/basketball court outside in the common area is great for keeping kids occupied, but the apartment will quickly get cramped as she has more children. You can weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself.
  • Just like the other expansions, your matriarch may have any traits and aspirations that come with this expansion.
  • Your matriarch may build the Singing skill, do karaoke, visit cultural festivals, etc. She can partake in any of the new activities City Living offers.
  • If you’re moving into a lot that doesn’t have at least one lot trait assigned to it, you may choose whatever three lot traits you wish for the lot; however, take care with which lot traits you pick, because you cannot change them after. Your initial decision is permanent. If you move into a lot that already has at least one lot trait assigned to it, you cannot add or change them.
  • Unlike other careers, your matriarch CAN join the politician, public relations and critic careers, but she MUST always choose Work from Home. She cannot disappear off the lot to go to work in the traditional fashion. If the game neglects to give you a reminder call to allow you to select Work from Home, have her take a vacation day or fake being sick in order to avoid going to work.

Cats & Dogs

  • Your matriarch may run her own vet clinic. Just like restaurants, this comes with pros and cons, so it’s up to you to weigh the drawbacks and the benefits to your challenge.
  • If your matriarch runs her own vet clinic, her teenage children may help out as an alternative to hiring employees.
  • Your matriarch may have her own pets, but keep in mind each pet takes up a precious household slot and having a pet does not give you any added benefits in the challenge.
  • Your matriarch may make money by breeding and selling puppies and kittens.
  • Your matriarch may build the Veterinarian skill, Pet Training skill and partake in all the new pet interactions and activities.

Game Pack Rules

The following rules cover the game packs. You can safely disregard any game pack sections you don’t have installed.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Your matriarch can go on vacations to Granite Falls but she must always bring her entire household with her when she does go. She cannot leave any toddlers, children or teenagers behind. If there is a baby in the household, your matriarch may not go on vacation, nor can she go on vacation if she is pregnant.
  • Your matriarch may take up the Herbalism skill, catch bugs and do any of the new activities offered in Outdoor Retreat. She may sell any collectibles she finds or concoctions she makes with the Herbalism skill.
  • Your matriarch may use Granite Falls as a hunting ground for new donors for her offspring but the same rules apply. She cannot get pregnant by the same donor more than once and she cannot marry or move in anyone.

Spa Day

  • Your matriarch may take up yoga and meditation and build the Wellness skill.
  • Your matriarch may purchase spa items for use at home or go to a spa to enjoy the items.
  • Your matriarch may get fertility massages to increase her chances of becoming pregnant.

Dine Out

  • Like the retail system in GTW, your matriarch may manage her own restaurant but keep in mind, running a restaurant is very time consuming and will leave her with less time on her hands to find donors to impregnate her. It will also give you less time to bring up the kids’ grades to age them up and move them out to make room for more children.
  • Your matriarch may eat out at NPC-owned restaurants as a customer.
  • Your matriarch may collect the Simstagram photos of the experimental dishes.


  • Because vampires are immortal and part of the challenge is to have as many babies in a generation as you can, your matriarch cannot be a vampire. It would be too easy to have 100 children in a single generation, thus defeating the point of the challenge.
  • Your matriarch may use vampires as donors but if the child is a girl and turns out to be a vampire, she cannot take over as the next matriarch.
  • You may cure a vampire child of vampirism using in-game methods (no cheats). Once any female children have been cured of vampirism, they then are eligible to be the next matriarch if you so desire.
  • The same rules apply to vampire children as mortal children. If they die before reaching young adulthood, they don’t count towards your baby total, so watch your vampire teens during the day and perhaps invest in the sun resistance power for them.
  • Your matriarch may visit or live in Forgotten Hollow, learn the Vampire Lore and Pipe Organ skills, grow any of the new plants that came with the Vampires pack and basically do anything related to the Vampires pack except become a vampire herself.


  • If you have the Parenthood pack, teens may not be aged up into young adults and moved out of the household until they have an A in school AND at least one character value within trait range (either positive or negative).
  • Your matriarch MUST always stop whatever she is doing and go scold/punish her children as you see fit if you catch them doing anything wrong (making a mess, fighting with their siblings, shouting forbidden words, being gross, breaking curfew, etc).
  • Your matriarch MUST always choose one of the available options when a child asks her for advice or when she gets a call from her child’s school asking her how to handle a situation that has arisen with her child. You cannot just close the dialogue box and choose not to pick an option.
  • Your matriarch can (obviously) build the Parenting skill. In fact, it’s highly encouraged! The better your matriarch is at raising children, the easier it will be to run your crazy, hectic household like a well-oiled machine.

Stuff Pack Rules

The following rules cover the stuff packs. You can safely disregard any stuff pack sections you don’t have installed. Any stuff packs not listed here are considered irrelevant to the challenge. There’s nothing in them that I feel needs to be restricted or clarified.

Spooky Stuff

  • Your matriarch may carve pumpkins and sell them to make money.
  • Your matriarch may throw Spooky Parties.

Romantic Garden

  • Your matriarch may use the Wishing Well, but she cannot wish for a child.
  • Your matriarch may use the fountain.

Vintage Glamour

  • Your matriarch may hire a butler but the butler cannot help look after the children. You must disable child care in the butler’s options.


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