TS4 Immortal Dynasty Rules

The Sims 4 Immortal Dynasty Challenge

Through patience and hard work you come to discover the recipe for Ambrosia. Are you destined to keep this recipe a secret and never pass it down? Of course not. You are to create a Dynasty. But, know this — tasting Ambrosia and the power it offers is not for the weak. You and your descendants must earn the right to eat Ambrosia. Each of you must accomplish eight requirements. Your ultimate goal is to have eight blood related Sims under one roof and to preserve their Dynasty forever with a valuable Family Museum. The road will be a hard one, but Ambrosia’s prize is — immortality.

Creating Your Founder
Before creating your new game file, you must patch up to the most current EA patch. You must also stay current on patches for the entirety of the file.

Choose New Game and create a single Young Adult. Gender, Aspiration, and Traits are all player choice (except Bodybuilder — this Aspiration is banned for all household members). Before you start your game you need to verify…

All Gameplay Options need to remain at default settings: Autonomy (Full); Lifespan (Normal); Fill Empty Homes (must be checked)

Lot Choice and Manage Worlds

Willow Creek — Oakenstead (move in to any empty lot then use your phone to move household and bulldoze lot).
Oasis Springs — Landgraab Affluista Mansion (move in to any empty lot then use your phone to move household, evict Landgraabs, and bulldoze lot).
Newcrest — Twin Oracle Point
Windenburg — Fyres Dresden House (move in to any empty lot then use your phone to move household, evict Fyres, and bulldoze lot).
Windenburg — Villareal Von-Windenburg Estate (move in to any empty lot then use your phone to move household, evict Villareals, and bulldoze lot).
San Myshuno — The Old Salt House (move in to any empty lot then use your phone to move household and bulldoze lot).

All Immortal Dynasty players need to begin their game with $10,000.   If you have more or less than $10000 starting funds, use money cheat to set the exact amount.

Press Command-Shift-C to open the cheat console
Type testingcheats on, then Return/Enter
Type Money 10000, then Return/Enter
Type testingcheats off, then Return/Enter
Press Command-Shift-C to close the cheat console

Whichever world you end up choosing your choice is permanent — no moving after you set foot on your dynasty lot. Prebuilt houses or downloaded lots from someone else are not allowed. You must take care of all building and expansion yourself. Opting for the “no build/outdoors” route is also fine.  With the addition of Newcrest, you are allowed to place “MAXIS CREATED” buildings (commercial and residential) in your dynasty.  Go into gallery, look under “My library”, the official maxis created buildings/houses will be in there.  You can also find more Maxis creation under “Community”, with EA Account ID = MaxisCreator_01.

The Landgraabs are such an important family in Sims history, so if you’d like to move them into another home before you begin playing, that’s fine. After you have bulldozed their lot and return to Live mode, go to Manage Worlds > Save and Manage Worlds, then go to the top right screen and select Household Management. Click the Unplayed Households tab and select the Landgraabs, then Move Household into a Lot and make your selection.  Any sims that were originally living on a dynasty lot may be placed elsewhere.

The Manage Worlds screen is off limits unless you need to evict ghosts from households or re-populate town (more rules below).

  • You are allowed to re-populate your town ONCE per dynasty.
  • Move in Sims can be a mixture of YA and/or children.  They can be EA created Sims and/or Sims created from scratch in CAS with a blank slate – no rewards/skills, etc.
  • You must have at least one bad trait (mean, evil, glutton, insane, lazy, slob, hates children, jealous, noncommittal, squeamish, and unflirty) for each created Sim.
  • If you are moving in Maxis/EA generated families, leave their traits alone.
  • You can move in a maximum of 20 Sims, household number does not matter.
  • Gallery Sims from other players are not allowed.

Mods, Cheats, and Custom/Premium Content   List of Approved Mods
Custom Content and Premium Content are fine and are to be used at your own risk. No mods or cheats are allowed with a few exceptions: lighting mods that change the look of the game are fine; Moveobjects is fine; some bugs may creep up that a mod could fix, but team permission is always necessary in these cases.

ResetSim Firstname Lastname. You may only use this cheat in the event of a stuck Sim.
Moveobjects. You are allowed to use this cheat at your discretion.
Buydebug cheat (bb.showhiddenobjects) is banned.

Heirs Rules

  • The firstborn child through natural pregnancy of any generation is the targeted Immortal.
  • In the event a pregnancy results in twins or triplets, then the first named child is the next Immortal.
  • Heirs must result from natural pregnancies where both parents are living in the Dynasty house.
  • Children that result from your Sim having been abducted and impregnated are not allowed to become heir.  When the child is born, the player can choose to keep baby as spare household member (non-immortals) or choose to return alien baby to home world.
  • Your sim that has been abducted and impregnated are still eligible to produce an heir.
  • Spouses with children from previous relationships are still eligible to produce an heir.
  • Your 7th generation must be able to get pregnant. He/she will need to become pregnant without adding a spouse to the household to bring in the 8th and final immortal.

Lot Traits & Club Perks Rules

  • CHOOSE: Lot Traits OR Club Perks, cannot have both.  No changes once you pick a route, must remain the same route for the entire dynasty.
  • Lot Traits Route — Only one skill boosting lot trait allowed, the other 2 spots can be empty or any non-skill boosting lot traits.  Once all the traits are chosen, they must remain the same for the rest of the dynasty.  You are still allowed to have clubs and form clubs, but not allowed to buy any club perks.  (Skill Boosting Lot Traits List)
  • Club Perks Route — Only one adult skill boosting club perk allowed, no limit on other perks.  You are not allowed to have any lot traits.  (Adult Skill Boosting Club Perks List)
  • You may opt to not choose either route, this means NO club perks and only allowed to have non-skill boosting lot traits.

General Rules and Restrictions

  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is considered cheating.
  • Non-Immortals can be adopted.
  • Non-Immortal household members (spouses, spare children, and other live-ins) are not tied to the same restrictions as immortals. They are free to choose any careers, skills, etc.
  • Sims can only be added to a household by being born, adopted, married, or asked to move in.
  • Gender changes: You’re allowed to do any gender and/or gender customization change once during the teen or young adult stage.
  • You may edit community lots to add or rearrange objects such as microphones, easels, etc. You may also add on club hangouts. You still may not bulldoze community lots.
  • You may alter menus only in restaurants that you own.
  • Substitute cemeteries: Willow Creek (Magnolia Blossom Park), Oasis Springs (Desert Bloom Park), Windenburg (Hare Square), and your own retail lot.
  • No Sim can be moved out. All household members are to live a full and natural life and their eventual death can never be expedited (intentional killing).
  • Heirs with the Public Enemy Aspiration are the only household members allowed to “help” in the deaths of non household members.
  • Cloning Machine (Science Career): no cloning ambrosia or ingredients, and cloned collectables cannot be used as museum pieces.
  • No splitting the dynasty household.
  • School-aged Heirs cannot miss school.
  • Vacation: School-aged Heirs can travel, but they must not miss school while doing it.  Young adults and older have no restrictions.
  • If a non-Immortal dies accidentally (electric shock, fire, etc.) you are free to continue playing the challenge.
  • No aging anyone up early. Birthday cakes (or bassinets aging up for babies) can only be used on a Sim’s actual birthday and only on members of your household.

Becoming Immortal and Ambrosia Requirements    Ambrosia Guide
Eating Ambrosia is the sole privilege for your Founder and Heirs who reach Elder stage and is the only allowed method of extending life for these special Sims. Household members cannot complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration, use Potions of Youth, Essence of Life (from cowplant), Book of Life (from writing skill), Plead with the Grim Reaper to save a dying sim or use any other interaction to demand a sim’s life back, use Age-Away Serum, wish for Youthful Vigor from the wishing well, or any other methods of extending life.  Before eating Ambrosia for the first time your Founder and Heirs must complete the following eight requirements:

1. Max one career no other Heir has maxed.  (Qualified Careers List)
2. Complete two Adult Aspirations no other Heir has completed.
3. Max three Adult skills (photography and dancing do not qualify). These do not need to be unique.
4. Purchase four rewards not bought by other Heirs.
5. Get five gold medals for parties and dates — all five must be a different type. Qualifying types of events are:

  • House Party
  • Date
  • Black and White Bash
  • Birthday Party
  • Ghastly/Spooky Party
  • Dinner Party
  • Venue Party
  • Wedding Party
  • Incognito Party
  • Weenie Roast
  • Party at a Friend’s House
  1. Have six Good Friends at the time of eating Ambrosia for the first time. Other Heirs can share these Good Friends except one needs to be a unique B.F.F (ask to be Best Friends). This B.F.F cannot be a Good Friend or B.F.F to any other Heir. Don’t worry if friendships deteriorate after Ambrosia has been eaten. Please make your best efforts to have your six Good Friends outside the household. This may be impossible later in your Dynasty if much of the town has died.
    7. Each Heir needs to complete seven different Whims (but other heirs can complete the same Whims) and each Whim must be tied to a different emotion. For example “Hug Someone from being Happy,” “Do Push Ups from being Energized, or “Take a Shower from being Tense.”
    8. Contribute eight items** to your Immortal Dynasty Family Museum.  Museum must be placed on your dynasty lot.  Each Heir’s Dynasty Museum’s items need to be of a unique type, must be placeable, and either created or collected. So, for example, the Founder may contribute paintings, so Heir #1 would not be able to contribute paintings, but may opt for Woodworking items. Also, items each Heir contributes do not need to be unique themselves — for example, Heir #3 contributes eight frogs to the museum. All eight could be the exact same type of frog— but no other Heirs could contribute frogs. It’s really important to understand that each heir must put in all the work for their collection items. Qualifying items for the Museum include:
  • Aliens
  • Books (from writing skill)
  • Carved Pumpkins
  • City Posters
  • Comedy Books (from comedy skill)
  • Crystals
  • Drinks & Potions (from mixology skill)
  • Easter Eggs (April only)
  • Elements
  • Experimental Food Photos
  • Fishes
  • Focused Paintings (from logic skill)
  • Fossils
  • Frogs
  • Geodes
  • Harvests (from homegrown plants, gardening skill)
  • Insects
  • Inventions (from Science Career)
  • Kid’s Drawings (from creativity skill)
  • Meals (from homestyle/gourmet/baking cooking skill)
  • Metals
  • Microscope Prints
  • MySims Trophies
  • Paintings (from painting skill)
  • Photographs (from photography skill)
  • Postcards
  • Remedies (from herbalism skill)
  • Serums (from Science Career)
  • Snow Globes
  • Space Prints
  • Space Rocks
  • Sugar Skulls (October only)
  • Voidcritters
  • Woodworking Items (from handiness skill)

Challenge Team member LenaLJ worked up a nice Sims 4 Immortal Dynasty Spreadsheet to keep everyone organized. Thank you, Lena.




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