Tyler Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Flint MacDuff
    • Military
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Cancer
    • Absent-Minded / Workaholic/ Handy / Family-oriented / Computer Whiz / Spellcasting / Witch

Flint MacDuff


  • Absent-minded
  • Brave
  • Genius
  • Loves the Heat
  • Artistic

Hidden Traits:

  • Spellcasting
  • Nerd

Firefighter Super Hero

TylerTylerTylercTyler TeenTylerYA


  • The family sold everything that they had accumulated when they moved.  They had bought virtually all of the store items available back in 2012 and I believe that was the reason for all of the freezes.  However, they did keep the gnome army. ‘Cause you gotta have your gnomes.

Gnome Army

  • Initially, this was going to be a cleaning house chapter, but there are only a few babies left so Juliana staked out, stalked, and acquired baby daddy T.  Flint MacDuff, even though he is married, quickly fell to her charms.

Bringing in T

  • Back at the ranch – house – whatever, the practice of ignoring the toddlers once they have learned their skills continues.


  •  I forgot that the toddlers can be caked at this point, but it has been awhile since I played, until right about here.

Still a toddler

  • Birthday time for Regina…

Gimme cakeGetting taller

  • Quinn (and I keep having to look up his name because he is just lost on me so far) spends his time pretending to be King and posing for pictures.  Still a child and already a level 3 celebrity.


  • Olivia and Parker work on their homework and Parker complains the entire time about hating school.

Hating Homework

  • Juliana is still working on skills so she heads out to take all of the new classes, and then camps out at the library reading skill books.  She soon pops her belly and T is confirmed.

T is for 20

  • Flint even sits down at the same table to read but they never acknowledge one another.

Military Man

  • The teens work on teaching Sophia what she needs to know in between bottles and chasing her down.

BabaOutta here

  • Quinn grew up, apparently, and keeps putting Sophia to bed instead of teaching her that last word she needs to learn to talk.


  • Olivia gets a cake the morning of her birthday because I want her to move out.  She is ready too, after all she has been a teen since 2012.

My turn yet

  • Juliana comes home and heads in to teach Sophia that last freakin’ word.  No, just one more freakin’ word.  Dammit!

30 more minutes

  • Open with the gnomes, Close with the gnomes.  They got caught having a meeting.  Still not sure if they are taking over the world or just the lot.

Gnome Meeting


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