Isn’t it time to make babies with Benji yet?


Sophia actually needed two words to magically learn how to talk.

Word 2 Word 1

Once she Can talk, she doesn’t Want to talk

I can talk I dont wanna talk

Happy  Birthday Sophia!


And this is why I hate birthday cakes and turn off the sound when they are necessary.


Juliana takes Tyler out for a walk to solidify their relationship.  One walk and they are best friends.

Taking a walk

The timing is a little off as Parker hasn’t moved out yet, and since he is the only family member that Sophia likes that is not already sharing a bed with someone, and well… she has to sleep somewhere.

Outta beds

Nothing but Ouch!


Taking a break from the kids, Juliana decides to head to university and get a degree. Or something.


Juliana spends her first week working on Science, DNA samples, and gene-splicing.

Science ftw

This was a new experience, as Juliana becomes a PlantSim.


She spends her second week working on something else.

Bumpy bed

Bernie was easy but doesn’t offer anything unique.


Troy, however, will be providing the missing zodiac of Pisces.


Someone has hairy legs…

Hairy legs

Umm Hmm

The walk

Photo-Synthesizing.  Yes this is Juliana.


She also was successful at splicing a total of seven forbidden fruit seeds.

Forbidden fruit

And when a plantsim streaks…


Finally, graduation comes. Finally.  Juliana’s 6th trait is Irresistible.


It is time to leave the wild days of university behind and head home to make those last six babies.  And cure the PlantSim thing.

Heading home


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