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Anything vacation-destination-related is welcome. School is out, adult Sims have vacation days off to use, and elders want to escape the heat. Summer clothing is in demand. Even if families don’t go to a vacation destination, they might enjoy a good beach or park holiday. If real vacations ensue, tell us the stories! We’re on vacation!!!

Meet the Family

Meet Bekah Holiday.

She is Adventurous, Brave, Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, and Friendly.

Her greatest desire is to travel around the world becoming a Seasoned Traveler by earning the highest possible visa levels everywhere she goes.

Bekah’s Vacation

Chinese Vacation

Bekah’s first stop in in Shang Simla.

Where she quickly meets a local and picks up her first adventure.

And she is off to explore and find treasure.

During her adventures she encounters floor switches,

and traps,

and piles of rubble,

along with movable statues,

dive wells,

and treasure chests.

And sometimes the traps get the best of her.

But finally she obtains the Axe of Pangu.

Nothing can stop her now.  She has achieved level 3 visa in China.

Egyptian Vacation

Next on the world tour is Al Simhara.

Bekah’s first adventure is exploring the pyramids.

First she has to figure out how to gain entrance.

Then she checks out a sarcophagus

And finds a mummy.

Who wants to fight.  Despite maxed athletics and martial arts she loses the fight.

Bekah leaves Egypt with a level 3 visa.

French Vacation

Finally Bekah travels to Champs Les Sims.

This trip goes by way too quickly and before she knows it she has achieved level 3 visa and completed her journey.

She spends her last hours relaxing in the park and reading a book about Monuments.

Back Home

Bekah views her collections.


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