Virgil Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Dwayne Wolff
    • Politics
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Libra
    • Cant’ Stand Art / Handy / Inappropriate / Ambitious / Lucky / Werewolf

Dwayne Wolff


  • Absent-minded
  • Loves the Cold
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Slob
  • Artistic

Hidden Traits:

  • Nerd
  • Werewolf

Master Magician



  • This is what happens when you leave a man in charge of a baby.  Juliana wanted to be “alone” in the house so she sent everyone to the Fairy Gardens.  Benji got hungry and decided this was an appropriate spot for the baby (Upton I believe) to hang out in the meantime.

Daddys in charge

  • Baby V is confirmed.

V baby

  • Nothing like walking in on your mom and step dad in bed.

Bad timing

  • The looks say it all.

The looks

  • Quinn has his cake and moves out.

Quinns birthday Waving goodbye

  • Sophia also has her cake, but she doesn’t move out.

Sophias birthday

  • Tyler gets all weird when he takes a bath and breaks the tub.

Stretched thin

  • Juliana needs to quit going to parties unsupervised as she continues to do things that make people talk.  This party happened to be at Olivia’s house and Parker was there also.

Parker and Olivia

  • In order to keep Benji and Juliana busy while they wait the birth of the next baby, they end up spending quite a lot of time doing this.

Passing time

  • You would think after all the babies Juliana has had that Benji would be better equipped to handle it.

Baby is coming

  • Dwayne as a wolf.


  • He follows Juliana back to the house after Virgil is born.


  • Juliana is beginning to wonder just what she has done.


  • There were several “natural” birthdays as Benji becomes an adult.  The goal is to have the last baby before he becomes an elder.


  • Following Benji it is time for Upton to become a toddler.

Baby on the floor

  • Bald! (I might have to download some toddler hairs before I am done)



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