Who Wants to be a Rock Star?

Who Wants to be a Rock Star?

This is a challenge focused on the Rock Star track of the Music Career. The challenge spans the time of Young Adult and Adult, but ends when the Rock Star ages up to Elderly.


There are 4 different scoring components, so you’ll need to keep accurate notes.


  1. Create 2 new young adult sims with the lifespan option set to “Long.” One sim will obviously be your Rock Star, and the other is your “utility” character. This can be a spouse, housemate…whatever you decide. BUT, and this is important — ALL simoleans must come from the Rock Star in this challenge. The utility character cannot bring in any money at all.
  2. Build a house or move into an existing home — doesn’t matter. Change homes as often as you want.

  3. No cheats or modifications.

  4. Other Restrictions. The Rock Star cannot have any other revenue sources than via the guitar, Music Career, and guitar-related opportunities.

  5. The challenge ends when the Rock Star ages up to an Elder.


#Times X BF: This is the # of times Sims have watched you perform multiplied by the number of Best Friends you have listed in the Relationships tab at the end of the challenge. The # of Times information is obtained from your Skill Journal. Also, you’ll note that relationships are listed in your Relationship Tab left to right by their strength. So, if an Old Friend is listed to the left of any Best Friend, then you can count the Old Friend in this score as well.

Tip: This is the most simoleans received for one continuous session playing for tips.

Autograph: This is the total money received from the Rock Star’s best  Autograph Session. There probably won’t be too many of these as I think you can only have one a week. So, it may be your very first, your 3rd, last one before aging up….who knows? Just keep good notes.

Concert: Same deal as Autograph. This is your highest paying single concert, so keep records.

Add up the 4 separate scores for your total.


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