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The Rules

Your Who’s Your Daddy challenge should be conducted in any town provided by Electronic Arts.
Every custom town I’ve ever played was designed in some way to make things easier. If you’ve got your heart set on a custom town, that’s okay, but remember this is supposed to be challenging and having the life fruit on the plant when you move in isn’t challenging.

Edit Town is off limits with one exception. This exception is that you may add to any EA town any expansion-specific EA lot that does not already exist in the town. These additions should be made if possible before your sim moves in. You may not use Edit Town to search for fathers.
Tempted to add more? Your own stuff? That super cool vampire bar? That’s okay, but remember to keep it a challenge for yourself. If you don’t realize you want this lot or that one until later, adding them later is not the end of the world. Please only add later on if it means you’ll have access to a father you would otherwise not be able to access.

Aging and story progression should be enabled for this challenge.

Create a female, young adult sim in Create-a-Household. You may not add any other household members of any kind prior to moving in. You may select her appearance, personality and lifetime wish as you desire.

Move your sim into any home or empty lot she can afford. Once there, she may only move when she can afford to. When she moves, her entire household must come with her.

Cheats and/or mods to make things easier are forbidden.
Resetsim and Overwatch are your friends. Motherlode and Woohooer are not. Ask yourself if you’re giving yourself an advantage. If so, you know what to do.

Once your sim moves in, she may add pets to her household in any way you wish. Other than marrying her husband and giving birth to children, the only other ways a sim may join the household is as an imaginary friend made real or a genie released from its lamp.

Your sim is allowed as much travel as you wish.

To complete the challenge, your sim will have to live a long time. All means of lengthening her life built into the game are permissible. The same goes for her husband, if necessary. You also have the choice of which lifespan you use, though there will be a bonus (see scoring below) for using shorter lifespans.

All service sims are available, except butlers.

You may not send your children to boarding school.

Twins and triplets still count as one pregnancy.

You may allow children to age up on their own or cake them when there are zero days left in the age meter, or you may cake them up early provided they have met certain criteria.
Infants – You may not cake infants.
Toddlers – You may cake a toddler when they have learned to walk, talk and potty.
Children – You may cake children when they have made the honor roll.
Teens – You may cake teens when they have made the honor roll.

The friend and romantic interest requirements do not need to be unique. Siblings may share friends and interests. Imaginary friends may count as both friends and romantic interests, but only if they are made real. Once made real, they are not subject to the same constraints as the children and may age as you wish. The best friend may not be a pet.

When children (including IFs made real) age up to young adult, they must move out within 12 hours. If you release a genie from its lamp, it should be so that he may father the very next child. He should move from the household as soon as pregnancy is confirmed (at the first baby bump.)

The goal of this Who’s Your Daddy is to have this female sim produce 26 pregnancies, each one with a different father.

To complete this challenge, you need only do what’s stated in bold above: your sim must have 26 pregnancies, each with a different father. Each pregnancy is worth one point, so if you finish, your base score is 26. Your “multiplier” is 1.0. You haven’t done anything extra, so your score is just as it is: 26 x 1.0 = 26. If you stop one pregnancy short, your score is 25, etc. If you do not complete the challenge, it is still possible to tally a score using the number of pregnancies your sim did have rather than the 26 you were aiming for.

If you do nothing else, your score is done. If you decide to aim higher, you will multiply your score by another number. What that number is will depend on how much you achieve.

Father Clusters
Father clusters are groups of fathers who differ from each other in some way. Each cluster is worth something different, based on the number of fathers included. To gain the bonus, your sim has to have a child with every father in the cluster. If you fall one short, you don’t get any bonus. Unlike in previous versions of the rules, the categories are not mutually exclusive. If the father of Child A is a five star celebrity, a vampire and a Leo, you may check off all three instead of choosing just one. A checklist is strongly recommended!

The Celebrity Cluster (worth 0.6 bonus)
A father with each of the star levels. He does not need to maintain his star level at any point after conception occurs.
______ 0 stars
______ 1 star
______ 2 stars
______ 3 stars
______ 4 stars
______ 5 stars

The Occult Cluster (worth 0.4 bonus)
A father who is each of the following: a genie, an imaginary friend, a ghost, a vampire. If you do not have the expansion pack for a particular creature, you may consider the cluster complete without that creature, but also remember to subtract 0.1 from the bonus. For example, if you don’t have Late Night, you may complete the cluster with the other three and gain 0.3 bonus instead. On the reverse side of that, if you are knowledgeable and can create a pregnancy keeping in the spirit of the rules with other creatures, you may feel free to do so and give yourself an additional 0.1 bonus per additional occult father.
______ genie
______ imaginary friend
______ ghost
______ vampire

The Travel Cluster (worth 0.3 bonus)
A father who is a resident of each of the travel destinations. This child may not be conceived on vacation as this allows you to skip certain age stages. Instead, the father must accept an invitation to visit your sim’s home and the child must be conceived there. Tourists already visiting your town are also allowed.
______ Champs Les Sims
______ Al Simhara
______ Shang Simla

The Job Cluster (worth 1.4 bonus)
A father employed at the time of conception in each rabbit hole career. For careers with two tracks, only one is needed. To define “service sim,” any sim that does a job that cannot be held by an active sim is eligible. Sims often switch jobs. This can be a nuisance if you think you’ve found Business Dad and he changes careers as you try to build a relationship with him. Nonetheless, it is the career the father has at the point of conception that matters. If he switches before conception, you should take his new job into account. If he switches after, you should continue to count him as having the career he had before.
______ business
______ criminal
______ culinary
______ journalism
______ law enforcement
______ medical
______ military
______ music
______ political
______ sports
______ science
______ education
______ film
______ service

The Zodiac Cluster (worth 1.2 bonus)
A father with each of the zodiac signs.
______ Aries
______ Taurus
______ Gemini
______ Cancer
______ Leo
______ Virgo
______ Libra
______ Scorpio
______ Sagittarius
______ Capricorn
______ Aquarius
______ Pisces

Lifetime Rewards (variable bonus)
Each and every legitimate means to extend a sim’s lifespan is allowed, including those in the lifetime rewards. However, for every lifetime reward you do not use for your sim, you may add 0.01 per reward. You should calculate this at the end of the challenge by counting the rewards your sim has available and can afford but which she has not purchased.

The Hubby (worth 0.1 bonus + variable bonus)
Your sim must marry before the conception of her last child. She may marry at any point prior. Her husband may not move in until it’s time to get married. They must marry. The last child must be his. For every child conceived at home after the marriage, not counting the last one, you may add 0.01 to your bonus.

Basically, if your sim can cheat successfully, you get the bonus, even if she gets caught. It only counts if it’s at home, though conceptions can take place anywhere. It might be difficult to juggle the jealousy, so here’s the compromise. Your sim can marry late, but you forego some bonus for it. Or she can marry earlier and you have to handle having her sneak around. But they’ll need a high enough relationship to try for baby at the very end.

The Boo Boo Clause: because Jenn killed her husband.
The accidental electrocution of Grape Splash brought to my attention an unaddressed “what if.” What if your sim’s husband dies? I don’t want this to be the sort of challenge you can fail through unintentional mishap. Thus the Boo Boo Clause was born. If your sim’s husband dies, whether it be an accident or not, you have two choices.
a) You can resurrect him into either a playable ghost or a fully resurrected sim. Doing so results in no penalty, but you may not count any at-home conceptions for a bonus from the time of his death until he becomes playable again.
b) Your sim may remarry, however, none of the bonus for at-home conceptions with her first husband count because, as it turned out, he wasn’t the one with whom she needed a relationship good enough to conceive her youngest child. You may begin to obtain at-home conception bonus points with her new husband once she remarries. If you choose this route, there’s a price: a 27th child. A second husband must father two children with your sim. Only the first will count toward the base score so that it may not exceed 26. If, for whatever reason, a third husband is necessary, he must father three children, and so on for any subsequent husbands.
You must choose either a) or b) in the event your sim’s husband dies.

Lifespan (variable bonus)
This challenge is meant to be enjoyable. Not everyone enjoys the same lifespan. Here’s a little something for everyone.
You may play on any preset lifespan provided by the game. The lifespan should stay the same throughout the challenge. The setting you choose may bring an extra bonus.
(Choose only one.)
Epic – no bonus
Long – add 0.1 bonus
Normal – add 0.2 bonus
Medium – add 0.3. bonus
Short – add 0.4 bonus

The Social Worker (loss of bonus)
If any of your children are removed by the social worker, you lose the 1 point to your base score for each child taken. This does not end your challenge! You may continue with a reduced score or you may replace the child or children taken by having an equal number of additional children. If a child is taken away, the slots filled by its father must be emptied, even resulting in the loss of a completed cluster. Those slots can be refilled by the fathers of the replacement kids. This penalty shall also apply in the case of any child that does before leaving home.

What’s Your Score?
The challenge is complete when the youngest child is born.

Add up all your bonuses. Now add 1. (This is the same 1.0 someone who simply completed the 26 pregnancies uses.) This is your “multiplier.” Multiply 26 (or however many pregnancies your sim had, up to 26) by your multiplier to get your final score.


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