Wonder Child, Teen-time

Alisa had a busy time during her teen years.She focused on fitness to stay in line with her aspiration.

05-09-15_11-10 AM 05-09-15_11-49 AM

As the wonder child, Alisa’s parents splurged and bought her a better bed.

05-09-15_11-58 AM

Birthdays for the parents surprise me and Matthew becomes an elder without fanfare.

05-09-15_12-03 PM

Trisha finds a way to celebrate with Matthew.

05-09-15_1-07 PM

So at this point, I realize Trisha and Matthew never had gotten married.  Matthew quickly proposes.

05-09-15_1-08 PM

Alisa is busy on the treadmill, so they head outdoors and have the wedding in front of the treadmill.

05-09-15_1-12 PM 05-09-15_1-11 PM

Trisha has her birthday soon after, again without fanfare.

05-09-15_1-21 PM

And then she promptly dies from overexhaustion.

05-09-15_1-42 PM 05-09-15_1-42 PM-2 05-09-15_1-42 PM-3 05-09-15_1-43 PM 05-09-15_1-45 PM

Matthew spends the rest of the challenge crying and being sad.

05-09-15_2-46 PM

Trisha was a flirty sim, and her ghost shows up nightly for a little fun.

05-09-15_2-41 PM

Alisa spends her days uncomfortable as she works to gain as many skills as possible,

05-09-15_2-10 PM

She even starts a fire while making scrambled eggs.

05-09-15_3-13 PM

And way too soon, it is time for Alisa to become a young adult.

05-09-15_3-50 PM


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